What is a Townhouse Apartment?

Townhouse apartments have been the ideal home choice for Americans for centuries.

As the name suggests, you will typically find these houses in small towns or other mostly residential areas of the city.

Up till a few years back, people preferred sleek condos or even single-family homes rather than townhouse apartments.

However, recently these townhouses have been gaining popularity among small families and even singles that are living alone.

Let’s go over everything you need to know about living in townhouses and how they compare to other modes of accommodation.

Features of a Townhouse Apartment

You might have heard people talk about how townhouses are just fancy apartments, with the houses too squished together to allow any privacy.

Well, they couldn’t be further from the truth!

Townhouse apartments are small living accommodations with multiple levels. These communities are built with four to five houses in a row, sharing at least one wall.

You will usually find a townhouse apartment to have a cozy kitchen and living room on the first level while the bedrooms are situated on the second level.

Some townhouse apartments are relatively more spacious with a working area on the first level, kitchen and living room on the second level, and 2 or 3 bedrooms on the third level.

These are perfect for people who work from home a lot as they can turn the lowest level into their office.

Depending on how much rent you’re willing to budget out, you can even get a front lawn/garden, pool, and other amenities in your townhouse community.

It sounds like an absolute dream, right?

The Homeowner’s Association

Your garden is where the homeowner’s association (HOA) will have a role to play.

You will pay them a certain amount each month, and they take care of your lawn and any repairs to the exterior of the townhouse.

They will even rake the leaves in autumn and shovel any snow during winters!

However, since every HOA has its own rules and requirements, you should read up on the ones from the townhouse community you are considering.

It will help you understand what they expect of you and what the association will take care of.

Differences Between Townhouses and Apartments

People often get confused between a townhouse apartment and a usual apartment. For clarity, we will refer to townhouse apartments as just townhouses.

Are you wondering whether to move into a bigger apartment in the city or a townhouse in the suburbs? Well, you have come to the right place!

There are some critical differences between the two, which will impact your daily living quite significantly.

The first thing to note is that property managers rent out apartments, whereas homeowners directly hand over their townhouses to tenants.

Sometimes, homeowners do sign up for the services of a property manager, though. So, they will hand you the keys and be involved in the upkeep of the townhouse.

Let’s go over the differences between townhouses and apartments to determine which would be most suitable for your living needs.

Space Availability

While townhouses are two to three floors, apartments are laid out on a single floor that several people usually share.

This automatically shows that townhouses are bigger than apartments.

Your townhouse will have living rooms and dining areas that are quite extensive per square foot.

You are also likely to be blessed with a storage room for all those mementos and Christmas decorations. We don’t use the word ‘blessed’ lightly; these rooms are a god sent when it comes to organizing your home and stuffing away all the seasonally-used items.

However, apartments have a smaller floor plan with a single bedroom (or two at most), a living area, and a tiny kitchen.

These might be ideal for college students or single people looking to share a space with a roommate, but they don’t work out too well for families.


One of the most attractive features of a townhouse is the small patch of land you get on the front.

You can show off your green thumb on the front yard by planting roses, maintaining the shrubbery, adding some lawn gnomes, and even putting up a few strings of fairy light during the holiday season.

Unfortunately, this does mean that the upkeep of a townhouse is slightly higher than that of an apartment.

You will also need to take out time to maintain the driveway and ensure your house’s exterior is well-maintained.

Remember that the HOA immediately flags down poorly kept houses for disrupting the pristine look of the community. You will need to set aside an HOA fee in your annual budgeting.

When it comes to apartments, you are only in charge of the indoor cleaning, as it will be your landlord’s responsibility to manage any repairs or upkeep of the space.

If the sink starts leaking or the paint is peeling from the sides, you need to call the property management company to fix it for you.


If you love lounging by the pool on a hot summer day or prefer to start your days with cardio at the gym, then a townhouse would be a great option.

The best part is that you get all this in a tight-knit community, which nearly eliminates travel time to different areas to enjoy these amenities.

Another benefit of the community is that everyone looks out for each other.

If you end up making good friends, you would be working out and enjoying your free time with them whenever you like. After all, who hasn’t dreamt of being neighbors with their best friends?

However, if you’re an introvert who isn’t too fond of other people interfering with their morning walks and don’t particularly enjoy these amenities, an apartment would work for you.

It gives you privacy and lets you relax on your own after a long, tiring day.

Additional Expenses

Since you’re getting additional services, it only makes sense that you will be required to pay a specific fee for them.

When you’re living in a townhouse, these additional expenses quickly add up if your landlord requires you to cover the HOA fee.

To get a proper understanding of the fee situation, be sure to ask your landlord what services are included in the monthly charges.

Also, question them about how often the fee structure changes and what extra expenses you are likely to incur.

There might even be some restrictions that you will need to follow as per the HOA. So, collect all the information beforehand to make a well-thought-out decision.

For apartments, there are virtually no additional or hidden costs. All your necessary amenities are likely to be in the apartment complex, including parking, gym, trash, recycling, etc.

However, if you want more advanced services, you can always opt for a luxury unit that will offer you dog walking, indoor pools, and spas.

Advantages of Living in a Townhouse

Whether a townhouse apartment is right for you or not depends on your personality, how much time you spend at home and how much you’re e willing to pay as rent per month.

Here are some advantages of living in a townhouse so you can make an informed decision about your living quarters for the next few years.

We have listed down all the benefits of living in a townhouse for you below.

More Spacious

Townhouses are bigger than apartments, so you get a significant amount of space for yourself. If you’re someone who feels claustrophobic easily, then this is the right choice for you.

Moreover, if you enjoy entertaining guests, a townhouse apartment offers enough space in the dining room and living areas to host them all.

Even the kitchen is big enough for you to cook up a feast for your family or have friends over for a make-your-own taco night.

Cheaper Than Single-family Homes

A major advantage of townhouses is their price point. Although these aren’t detached, your townhouse is still a proper home and a major upgrade from that studio apartment.

And, you can lease it without the skyrocketing prices of single-family homes.

Moreover, you can find townhouses at relatively lower costs in almost any part of the city.

From the city center to the quiet suburbs, there is a cozy townhouse waiting for you. And it’s going to give you most of the benefits of a house without the high rental costs.

Many Services Available

With so many amenities available within the community, you will rarely ever have to leave it outside of work.

This cuts down travel costs significantly and will ever save hours of commute.

You can easily walk by to the pool, a gym, or even a tennis court to get your daily recreation without having to spend a ton on membership fees.

A Nice, Open-air Space

While it may be small, the front yard you get with your townhouse apartment can be quite a charming place to relax in.

You can pretty it up with flowers or maybe even make a cozy little reading corner to spend your evenings in. the fresh air will do you good!

Close-knit Community

If you’re an extrovert that enjoys being around people and making friends, why haven’t you moved into a townhouse community already?

It is the perfect place to make friends and form close bonds with your neighbors.

You take care of them, and they will be at your door with some hot soup the next time you fall sick.

Make the Right Choice for You

Picking out a living arrangement can be quite daunting, as this decision will heavily affect your life for the next few years.

We advise you to go over all the rules and your lease agreement thoroughly before signing it.

Moreover, if you decide to rent out a townhouse, ensure that the property is allowed to be rented out beforehand.

Some townhouse communities don’t allow renters at all.

Best of luck with your new home!

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