What Is a Junior Bedroom Apartment?

A junior bedroom apartment is a studio apartment with an additional space that you can separate from the rest of the apartment with a wall.

Therefore, you can expect only one bathroom in addition to the kitchen, dining space, and living space.

One of the biggest advantages of a junior bedroom apartment is that it’s an affordable option.

At the same time, it provides adequate privacy. Learn more about a junior bedroom apartment in this extensive guide.

Features of a Junior Bedroom Apartment

A junior bedroom apartment may be a studio apartment, but the biggest difference is in the layout. A studio apartment does not have separations in the space.

The kitchen, living space, and bedroom are all within one large room. With that said, here’s what you should know about a junior bedroom apartment floor plan.

Floor Plan for a Junior Bedroom Apartment

A junior bedroom apartment does not follow a standard floor plan. It can vary based on various factors.

That said, you can typically expect to have a kitchen and living space in one area. The bedroom will be a separate room entirely.

The bathroom may or may not be attached to the bathroom. In many cases, the bathroom entrance is present in the living space.

This way, guests can use the bathroom without entering your bedroom.

In addition to that, you may also have a closet space attached to the bedroom. The space may be large enough for a walk-in closet in some cases.

Some of the factors that affect the layout of your junior bedroom apartment are as follows.

The Demographics of the Area

Some more affluent neighborhoods will have junior bedroom apartments that provide more space than others.

Therefore, the floor plan and the amount of space in such an apartment will depend on how much you spend.

The Age of the Apartment

Some older apartments tend to have larger rooms and higher ceilings. So, you can expect an older junior bedroom to have floor plans that have more space.

It’s in your best interest to inspect a junior bedroom apartment yourself before settling on it.

Visit all available apartments in the same building. In many cases, the apartment layouts vary in just one building.

Advantages of a Junior Bedroom Apartment

Renting an apartment can be a challenge, especially when you’re operating on a relatively low budget. This is particularly true in expensive cities like New York and Boston.

In that case, a junior bedroom apartment can be an excellent option. Here are some advantages of a junior bedroom apartment.

Offers an Affordable Living Situation

A junior bedroom apartment is an affordable living situation for those living alone.

The rent costs are on the lower spectrum among other affordable housing options.

Thus, it provides separated spaces without needing to spend a lot on rent.

Provides Better Privacy than a Studio Apartment

A junior bedroom apartment can provide better privacy than a studio apartment due to its divisions. Your bedroom will be separated when you have guests over.

Therefore, you can change your clothes with ease in that case. You could also have an area where you can momentarily stay away from your guests if you’re working on a project.

The separate bedroom can also keep your valuables separate. If you’re someone who doesn’t make their bed in the morning, you can hide that from guests.

Enables You to Maximize Productivity

If you typically work from home, a junior bedroom apartment can help. You can separate working spaces and form the bedroom. Therefore, you can step a small desk outside of your bedroom.

With a separated working space, you can focus on maximizing productivity. Eventually, you’ll establish a mindset for each area, which will enable you to stay focused on your work.

At the same time, you can limit distractions because of the separated rooms. As a result, you can reduce stress when you have strict deadlines for your work.

You’ll Have a Bedroom That’s Only for Resting

With the separated areas in your junior bedroom apartment, your bedroom will be a space where you rest only.

The physical transition can help you psychologically transition into a resting mode after working, which can help with getting better sleep.

A studio apartment, on the other hand, can feel claustrophobic. This is because all of the living areas are put together.

The entire apartment area is also typically less than that of a junior bedroom apartment.

Therefore, a junior bedroom apartment is an upgrade from a studio apartment.

Easy to Maintain and Clean

You may choose a junior bedroom apartment over other more expensive and spacious housing options. In that case, you will be able to maintain your apartment with ease.

The limited space is relatively easy to clean. In addition to that, you can reach all spaces easily.

If you’re living alone and have a busy schedule, you can still manage to keep your apartment looking and feeling clean and fresh.

Helps Reduce Clutter

One of the advantages of having limited space in your apartment is that you cannot collect a lot of things. Therefore, you will be forced to get rid of things you no longer need.

As a result, you can expect clutter in your apartment. This, in turn, will help you stay organized. It will also help keep your home looking clean and presentable.

More Affordable Than a Single Bedroom Apartment

A junior bedroom apartment is more affordable than a normal-sized single bedroom apartment.

It is essentially a studio apartment with an additional room.

Disadvantages of a Junior Bedroom Apartment

While a junior bedroom apartment is a great affordable housing option, it does come with its own cons.

Here are some of its disadvantages.

It’s a More Expensive Housing Option than a Studio Apartment

The additional space and the room separations will make a junior bedroom apartment more expensive than a studio apartment.

If you’re operating on a minimal budget, even renting a junior bedroom apartment may not be feasible.

This also pertains to those living in an expensive city.

Is a Junior Bedroom Apartment Right for You?

A junior bedroom apartment is best for people who live alone. The single bedroom and one bathroom may not be feasible for multiple people.

Couples without children may also find living in such limited space a challenge.

This is especially true if you have schedules that don’t match. Moreover, the sleeping area is typically designed for a single person.

It’s Ideal for Students and Young Professionals

College students and young professionals are well-suited to a junior bedroom apartment. The living costs are low, and you have separated spaces for working at home.

Whether it’s preparing a presentation for a client or studying for finals, a junior bedroom apartment can limit distractions and keep you focused.

At the same time, a junior bedroom apartment is an excellent option for single people.

If you’re concerned about limited space, you could look for a relatively large junior bedroom apartment.

It’s Good for Those Who Want to Live Without Roommates

Not everyone can deal with living with roommates. That may be a more affordable option because you will split the rent and utilities.

However, a shared apartment presents its own challenges. You have to establish a workable way to live together by making certain compromises.

If you cannot manage that, a junior bedroom apartment is great. The prices are not significantly greater than shared options.

However, you can live according to your terms.

How to Turn Your Studio Apartment into a Junior Bedroom Apartment

Some studio apartments are larger than others. With a large studio apartment, you can create temporary partitions yourself for your bedroom.

That way, it will function as a junior bedroom apartment.

Here are some ways you can turn your studio apartment into a junior bedroom apartment.

Place a Bookcase Divider

Placing a bookcase divider to separate your bedroom is an effective hack.

Martin Furniture Woodford Solid Wood Bookcase, Storage Space, Living Room Divider, Book Shelves, Light Brown

You won’t need to make any kind of structural changes to the apartment. Moreover, the bookcase can provide additional storage space.

Installing Sliding Partitions

You could install sliding partitions to divide your rooms. These partitions look stylish and are efficient.

VERSARE Polycarbonate StraightWall Sliding Portable Partition – Room Divider Privacy Screen Panel on Wheels with Casters

Glazed doors provide privacy while allowing natural light to pass through. This way, you’ll make the bedroom feel less claustrophobic.

Make sure to consult your landlord before installing any kind of partitions in the apartment. Sliding doors will be a permanent change.

Therefore, you could end up paying penalties and dealing with other repercussions if you operate without your landlord’s permission.

Last Few Words

A junior studio apartment is a great choice for people living alone. It’s affordable, and it’s private.

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