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My name is Eric Branston and I am the one who writes and manages this website (along with the help of a few friends)

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I collaborate with a group of real estate professionals and writers (mostly some friends), who have come together to create this resource where you can find answers to your common queries (from both landlord and tenant perspectives).

Our aim is to give you apartment-related information in easy-to-understand language that can help you in apartment hunting and living.

Apart from our extensive experience in real estate, we strive hard to make sure that all the information we provide is accurate and well-researched.

We also often reach out to our friends and acquaintances in the real estate industry, to bring you the best possible answers to your queries.

I try my best to make sure that all the information I provide is accurate and relevant. Most of it comes from my or my friend’s first-hand experience, or from the feedback we get from some of our clients.

But there is a possibility that an occasional error to misspelled word/stat may creep in. If you find something like this. I would be really grateful if you could let me know at ericbranston[at]apartmentnotes[dot]com

Contributors on ApartmentNotes.com

Below are some of the experts that contribute to ApartmentNotes.com

Judi Kutner

Judi Kutner
Judi Kutner

Judi is a native New Yorker but spent her formative years in suburbia, just west of the Big Apple.

After earning a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Boston University’s Questrom School of Business, she successfully built, owned, and operated JK Financial, a boutique mortgage company in Westchester County, NY for nearly two decades.   

Throughout her career, Judi has contributed to financial and real estate publications and various educational endeavors including authoring hundreds of hours of continuing education coursework to meet state/ARELLO standards for licensees.

A skilled writer-influencer for the financial and real estate industries – Judi is also a passionate photographer/videographer/artist and Reiki Master – interests that enhance her ability to effectively communicate the important, but often hidden subtleties, that make a difference in understanding and succeeding in real estate and business.

As a proficient business writer, Judi’s goal is to share her passion for (and three decades of knowledge about) the many fascinating facets of the financial and real estate worlds.