What Is a Terrace-Level Apartment?

A terrace-level apartment refers to an apartment situated on the ground floor and has an outdoor space. This outdoor space can be a garden or an area with flooring.

Terrace-level apartments are also sometimes known as basement apartments. However, this term is not commonly used because it’s not attractive for potential home buyers or those looking for rental homes.

If you plan to move into one, this article explains what a terrace-level apartment is.

Why You May Want to Choose a Terrace-Level Apartment

Terrace-level apartments can suit various types of residents.

Therefore, this section discusses why you want to choose one as your home.

You can use this information to make an informed choice.

They Offer a Private Terrace

In most cases, a terrace-level apartment includes a private terrace.

This terrace could lead to a garden. On the other hand, it could double as an additional living space.

Allows You to Partake in Gardening Even While Living in an Apartment

Having an outdoor space can allow you to get fresh air and sunlight without leaving your apartment.

In addition to that, you can partake in gardening even while living in an apartment.

Therefore, you don’t have to give up outdoor activities when staying in an apartment.

The Outdoor Space Can Be Great for Pets

The outdoor space can also be suitable for pets. Thus, they can explore outdoor settings without leaving your property.

Allows You to Host Outdoor Gatherings within Your Home

Some terraces are large enough to include complete furnishing. Therefore, you can host small gatherings there.

In addition, direct access can allow you to use both indoor and outdoor spaces seamlessly.

If possible, you may even be able to enjoy outdoor cooking with people close to you. Thus, it’s great for those who like to barbecue at home.

In some cases, the terrace may not be a private space. Therefore, it’s best to confirm that before you settle on that apartment.

They Offer Convenience to Those with Mobility Issues

If you have mobility issues, an apartment at ground level can be ideal.

This is because you won’t have to climb any stairs to get in and out of your home. At most, you may have to install a small ramp.

All apartments don’t have elevators to counteract that problem. In addition to that, elevators can be down for maintenance at some points.

In those cases, you may not be able to reach your apartment without help.

At the same time, these apartments are good for seniors who cannot manage climbing flights of stairs. Therefore, the stairs don’t hinder them from leaving their homes whenever they want to.

Bringing groceries home can also be easier. This is because they won’t have to carry that weight up a staircase or even while waiting for an elevator.

They Make It Easy to Move Large Items Like Furniture

Moving into a terrace-level apartment can be easier than those above ground level.

Carrying large items such as furniture won’t be as troublesome as it would be taking it upstairs or in an elevator.

Also, this feature will remain when you decide to buy new furniture or a large TV.

They Are Convenient for Bikers

Bikers can also benefit from the convenience of a terrace-level apartment. They won’t need to carry their bicycles up a set of stairs to keep their bikes safe.

They can also choose to use the outdoor space for storage.

It’s also worth mentioning that terrace-level apartments are convenient for those who enjoy strolling.

So, you can simply walk out of the house without needing to get down and climb stairs when you return.

They May be More Affordable than Higher Level Apartments

In some cases, terrace-level apartments may be more affordable than higher-level apartments.

Therefore, you can find a large apartment at a competitive price, allowing you to live with more comfort.

One reason for the lower price is that it may be due to the less privacy than upper-story apartments. More on this later.

It’s important to note that this is not always the case. It may vary based on your location and the design of the apartments.

They May Be Cooler During the Summer

If you live in a warm area, you may be pleased to know that a terrace-level apartment may be cooler than those above them. The heat rises, so the temperature will likely be lower.

What this means is that you may have a more comfortable environment in your home.

In addition to that, you may also be able to save money on electricity bills. You won’t have to run your air conditioning units at colder temperatures to be comfortable inside.

You should note that this may be undesirable in colder areas. Your apartment may be colder than and potentially more uncomfortable than those above in winter.

They Can Help Keep You Safe from Noise Complaints from Neighbors

Musicians with loud instruments can benefit from living in terrac-level apartments. It’s more likely that the sound will travel to apartments below than those above.

Therefore, you are less likely to deal with noise complaints from neighbors because of it.

Also, if you want to create a home theater experience at home, you can do so without upsetting the neighbors below.

One downside of this aspect is that you may have to deal with noise from upstairs neighbors. It’s not uncommon for downstairs neighbors to hear loud footsteps from above.

Why You May Not Want to Choose a Terrace-Level Apartment

As great as terrace-level apartments may be, they are not ideal for everyone.

Here are some cons of these apartments so that you can determine if it’s worth moving into one or not.

They May Be More Prone to Burglaries

It’s always best to check the crime rate in a neighborhood before moving into one. Here’s a point you should keep in mind if it’s relatively high.

Considering terrace-level apartments are easier to access than higher ones, they may be more prone to burglaries.

If that is a concern, you could consider installing some deterrents.

They May Not Offer Great Privacy

 A critical disadvantage of terrace-level apartments is that they aren’t the best in terms of privacy. People passing by on the street may be able to see through the windows.

This may not be the case in some sparsely-populated neighborhoods. However, it may be a concern in busy urban areas.

They May Be Noisier Than Higher Apartments

Terrace-level apartments in busy neighborhoods and city centers may be noisier than those on several stories above.

This is because the walls are closer to what’s happening on the street.

They May Not Have Great Access to Sunlight

Be sure to look for a terrace-level apartment that is not surrounded by other tall buildings.

If it is, it may not have much access to sunlight because of the surrounding buildings’ shadows.

Insects May Be Able to Access Them with Greater Ease

A terrace-level apartment may make it easier for insects to access your living space than the apartments above.

Last Few Words

It’s always important to do thorough research when finding an apartment. There may be some small things that can be deal-breakers.

These may ruin your overall quality of life in a home.  

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