What is a Loft Apartment?

Loft apartments are rising in popularity right these days due to their versatility and unique style. Lofts are an attractive option for people looking for a home with history and rustic charm.

But what exactly is a loft apartment? How is a loft apartment different than a studio apartment? Is it the right home for you?

Here is what you should know so that you make an informed decision when buying a loft apartment.

Loft Apartment: An Overview

A loft apartment is typically a large open space with no internal walls except for the bathroom.

The apartment is also characterized by exposed piping, high ceilings, support beams, and ventilator tubes. Space generally has concrete or wooden floors with large floor-to-ceiling windows.

While there is some confusion about where the first lofts were built, it is generally agreed that the concept of loft apartments started in Soho, NY in the late 1960s.

At that time, the place was deserted with closed sweatshops and factories. These were then converted into loft apartments and offered to the public for sale or rent.

Lofts have a singular open space with a chic industrial vibe. Apart from the bathroom, loft apartments have open floor plans. The exposed pipes and ductwork give a rustic vibe to the apartment.

Differences Between a Loft Apartment and Studio Apartment

Loft and Studio apartments have an open floor plan. They require creative arrangements and furniture installation.

But studios are often small and are listed using the term ‘cozy’. The national average size of a studio apartment is about 530 square feet.

Studio apartments don’t have a rustic charm similar to lofts. They don’t have high-rise windows and lofty ceilings similar to loft apartments.

Loft apartments in contrast are spacious. They are typically more than 1000 square feet in size. Moreover, the apartments have high ceilings and windows. But of course, you will have to pay a higher price for the same.

Pros of Loft Apartments

Here are some good benefits that come with a loft apartment:


Are you tired of cramming all the staff into a small apartment? If so, you will enjoy living in a loft. Lofts are generally more spacious.

The high ceilings and windows also give the impression of a grander space. This is something that you won’t get in a traditional apartment.

Most loft apartments also have plenty of windows. This allows maximum light and natural air inside the apartment. It results in airy and lighted surroundings that will be great for the mind and body.

Flexible Design

The open concept of the loft provides plenty of flexibility in interior design. A loft-style apartment can be customized as per your aesthetic needs.

You can paint the exposed brick wall and beams in your unique style. The bricks and beams can have a rustic style that adds to the beauty of the place.

You can add your personal touches or consult an interior designer for modern designs that will enhance the charm of the loft apartment.

Lack of walls can be a perfect way to showcase your unique style. The open and empty space will serve as a blank canvas where you can create a design that suits your preferences.

You have free reign in arranging the furniture and painting the walls in the living space any way you want. The flexibility of the open style attracts many people to loft apartments.

Central Location

Because of their industrial roots, most lofts are located in the central part of the town.

They are often found near busy city centers. You can expect the lofts near trendy cafes, restaurants, shopping centers, and other attractive locations.

You won’t find any transportation problems when you live in a loft apartment. All the entertainment venues will probably be within a walking distance.

In addition, you will feel more secure living in a busy part of town.

Enjoy Natural Light

Yet another benefit of a loft apartment is that it allows maximum light to permeate the room. High industrial-grade windows will allow the room to be brightly lit by the sunlight.

The tall windows will also result in an expansive look of the outside. You can enjoy the landscape outside the apartment through the tall-sized window.

Less Noise

You won’t hear the steps of the neighbors while living in a loft apartment. The higher ceilings will lessen the impact of the outside noise.

The concrete floors will also do wonders in reducing the impact of noise. Moreover, the brick walls of the loft apartment will reduce the outside noise creating a pleasant ambiance.

Cons of Loft Apartments

While a loft apartment has some benefits, it also has some drawbacks you should know about:

Lack of Storage Spaces

A common complaint about loft apartments is that there is a lack of traditional storage options. Due to the open design, you will face difficulty in storing clothes and other items.

You will have to install custom storage options such as custom cabinets, trucks, and wardrobes for storing different types of things.

The installation of custom storage is recommended if you have specific storage needs. But this will also increase the expense of living in the loft.

Lack of Privacy

Another negative point about loft apartments is that privacy is limited. This may not be a problem if you are living alone or with a partner.

But you will face privacy problems if there are kids or you share the space with others.

Lack of privacy will create discomfort for all involved. Some floor plans have one bedroom with privacy offered by a lack of sightline to the closet area. But it won’t offer privacy as a separate room.

Lack of Amenities

Amenities are non-existing in a loft apartment with open space. You won’t find a fitness room, laundry room, and closets in a loft apartment.

You can find some lofts with space for amenities. But they are generally more expensive as compared to traditional lofts.

High Utility Bills

A loft apartment may seem attractive due to a large space. But this also increases utility costs. High ceilings and the large size of the loft increase the heating and cooling requirements.

The bills will be particularly high during the summer and winter months. You may have to pay hundreds of dollars per month in electricity bills.

Installing double glazed windows and thermal insulation materials to reduce the heating and cooling requirements will be expensive.

Property owners are not likely to compensate the tenants for making the changes since they don’t have to pay the utility bills.

Lingering Smells

Unlike a traditional apartment, the rooms are not separate due to which smell will spread throughout the rooms.

If you burn the eggs, the smell will not be confined to the kitchen. The smell will linger creating an unpleasant feeling.

You need to install a kitchen hood that will suck the smoke. Exhaust fans are also recommended so that the bad air is sucked out of the loft.

Internal Noise

You will have a problem with not just privacy but internal noise as well when living in a loft. It will be difficult to find a quiet area inside the place.

Everyone will be forced to listen to music or a TV show that someone is watching inside the loft.

You need to take into account the internal noise before deciding whether a loft is good for you.

The hum in the kitchen and the buzz of the appliances can be loud. A get-around to this problem is to buy new appliances that make much less noise.

You can also set up rules about the time of the day when the family members will be allowed to use the kitchen appliances or electronic items. You may also buy noise-canceling headphones to get a break from the noise.

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Keeping the Loft Clean

Cleaning the loft is also a problem. You need to keep the loft neat, clean, and organized at all times.

With a traditional apartment, you will have to keep the kitchen and the guest’s room cleaned at all times.

However, the guests can see the entire living space. So, you will have to take this into account when deciding whether to move into a loft.

Is a Loft Apartment Right for Me?

Living in a loft has different advantages and drawbacks.

Most of the disadvantages of living in a loft can be resolved with a bit of care and expense. Loft apartments are great for people who appreciate the unique appearance, expansive space, and urban living.

If you are looking for a place with rustic charm – exposed ducts, large windows, and natural light – you will love living in a loft. They are the perfect place to live for people who prefer a wide-open space that stands out from the crowd.

On the flip side, if you prefer a cozy place with privacy, loft apartments are probably not right for you.

Loft apartments are generally more expensive per square foot due to their large space compared to traditional apartments and condos.

Before you make any decision, you have to factor in the costs of renovations for partitioning the space and insulating the loft.

You also have to consider the monthly utility expenses for maintaining a comfortable environment.

Now that you know what to look for and consider when thinking about a Loft apartment, you can rest assured whatever direction you go in, it will be an informed one.

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