How Much Does It Cost to Clean an Apartment?

Apartment cleaning costs, on average, $110.

For smaller, relatively clean apartments, you may find services that charge as low as $60; however, for dirtier, larger apartments, the cost can exceed $180.

While knowing the average cost is helpful, you may find it beneficial to learn what factors contribute to these costs, too.

Keep reading to learn more about this.

Factors That Impact the Cost of Cleaning Services

As mentioned above, there are specific factors that will impact the cost of apartment cleaning services.

These are described below to help you better understand what to expect when you hire a cleaning service.

Condition and Size of the Apartment

The larger and dirtier your apartment is, the more you will pay for cleaning services.

A larger apartment that hasn’t been cleaned in a while (about three months or more) will take more time to clean. It will also require more work and use more cleaning supplies.

This is why cleaning companies base prices on the square footage of your apartment.

If you have a smaller apartment, the cleaning company may base the cost on the number of bathrooms and bedrooms you have.

Cleanliness of the Occupants

If your apartment is home to pets or children, there’s a good chance it is messier than one without these occupants.

Some cleaning services will charge higher prices for cleaning apartments with children or pets because of the expectations that it will be dirtier.

Most cleaners believe they will have to spend time removing pet hair, pet stains and cleaning spills and splatters.

Expect higher prices if your apartment has dirt and messes from kids and pets.

Type of Cleaning Required

How clean do you want your apartment? Your cleanliness expectations will impact the price you pay for professional cleaning services.

For example, standard or routine cleaning services are more affordable than deep cleaning services.

Learning more about the basic cleaning options will help prepare you for the price you can expect to pay.

Standard or Routine Cleaning Services

This is the most basic service offered by most cleaning professionals.

It is what you would choose if your apartment were in good shape and cleaned regularly (i.e., weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.).

In this situation, cleaners will provide surface cleaning solutions.

This includes sweeping and mopping hard floors, wiping the counters, cleaning the bathrooms, vacuuming carpeted areas, and more.

In some situations, you may book this service if you have guests coming or if you are especially busy with work and life.

Deep Cleaning Services

Deep cleaning is, as the name implies, a more thorough cleaning.

If your apartment has not been cleaned professionally (or by you) in a while and needs some extra TLC, deep cleaning is the best solution.

With deep cleaning, you get services not offered with a standard or routine cleaning.

This includes wiping down ceiling fans and baseboards, dusting shelves and collectibles, and scrubbing the tiles in the showers.

This level of cleaning requires more attention and time, which is why the cost is higher.

The actual price you are charged depends on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in your apartment.

Move-Out or Move-In Cleaning Services

The most expensive cleaning service offered by professional cleaning companies today is move-in and move-out services.

This is because of the extensive work involved.

Most cleaning services offer this solution in a package. Usually, it includes services, such as:

  • Wiping baseboards
  • Cleaning ceiling fans
  • Cleaning the interior of appliances
  • Cleaning the exterior of appliances
  • Wiping the interior of kitchen cupboards and cabinets

You can customize the list of cleaning services you need, as well, to ensure they meet your specific needs.

Post-Renovation or Post-Construction Cleaning Services

This cleaning option isn’t something all cleaning services offer. That’s because more specialized knowledge of the process is needed.

With post-renovation or post-construction cleaning, the professionals will come to your apartment, remove dirt, scuffs, and dust from the walls, clean inside closets and cabinets, clean the window blinds, and dust all hard surfaces.

It’s much less stressful to handle apartment construction when the mess is cleaned up for you.

Also, hiring professionals means that you can enjoy the newly constructed apartment or section, rather than having to spend your time doing this.

Cleaning Frequency Considerations

If you schedule recurring cleaning services, the professionals you hire will not have to do as much the next time. With ongoing or regular service, you may also receive discounts.

Some cleaning companies offer a percentage of the total price or a specific monetary figure.

The more a cleaning service comes to your apartment, the better they can keep up with the mess and reduce the time it takes to handle the job the next time.

Hiring an Individual vs. Cleaning Service

Both an individual cleaning professional, like a freelancer, and a professional cleaning company have pros and cons.

However, a company usually has more structured services and a team of cleaners.

This service provider usually has liability insurance, which protects you, but this peace of mind may come at a higher price tag.

It’s up to you to figure out which option best suits your needs. In some cases, hiring an individual is more affordable, but the services may not be as high quality.

Like other industries, the more experienced a cleaning service or individual you hire, the more they will charge per hour.

Their skills and experience allow them to charge more for the services they offer.

While this may seem like good news, there is a positive trade-off. Usually, experienced apartment cleaners are more efficient.

As a result, it takes them less time to clean your home. You will see this in the final cost.

Keep in mind that on-demand cleaners don’t have much incentive to keep their costs low. This means they may charge more than other cleaners or agencies in your local area.

Tips to Save Money on Apartment Cleaning Services

If you are trying to stick to a budget, you have some options to reduce the cost of professional cleaning services. Some tips are listed here.

Tidy Up First

If your cleaners are spending a lot of time picking up things off the counters and floor, their job takes longer.

For cleaners, you pay hourly, take a few minutes to pick up papers and toys before they arrive.

This will save your cleaner time and your money.

Alter the Cleaning Frequency

To pay less for apartment cleaning services while still enjoying regular services, consider altering the schedule.

For example, instead of having the cleaner come once every two weeks, schedule them once every three weeks.

This extra week probably won’t change the condition of your apartment much, but it can reduce how much you have to pay throughout the year.

Provide Your Own Cleaning Supplies

Some costs related to apartment cleaning services include the cleaning supplies that are used. See if your cleaner can begin using your cleaning products and tools in exchange for a lower rate.

This is particularly beneficial if you want specific products used in your home.

For example, some cleaning services may charge more if you request non-toxic or environmentally friendly cleaning supplies that you don’t provide yourself.

Tips to Find and Hire a Reliable Apartment Cleaning Service

For some people, letting a stranger into their home can be stressful. How do you know who you can trust? What if the person snoops through your things? Are they going to do a good job?

While all this may seem too stressful, it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of reputable and professional apartment cleaning professionals you can hire.

Remember, your apartment is their “office,” they aren’t interested in your belongings – just making sure everything is clean.

Ask for Recommendations

If you want to find a reliable apartment cleaner, asking for recommendations is a good way to begin your search.

You can talk to friends, co-workers, your neighbors and look at online reviews to find the top cleaning services in your area.

Once you know who to consider, conduct a background check to ensure the service is properly insured and registered and determine how long they have been in business.

Interview a Few Service Providers

Take time to interview a few of the service providers you have found. You can do this when they visit your apartment to quote the cleaning service you need.

Remember, it doesn’t mean you have to hire them for the job just because you call someone.

Regular cleaners will spend a lot of time in your apartment. It’s best to find someone you are comfortable with.

Hiring the Best Apartment Cleaning Service for Your Needs

If you are ready to hire someone to clean your apartment, knowing what factors will impact, the cost is paramount.

This will help ensure you find someone who can clean the space based on your budget.

Keep the tips above in mind to find a cleaning service that is up to the challenge and that will provide the quality services you need for a price you can afford. 

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