How to Wash Your Car When You Live In an Apartment?

How To Wash Your Car When You Live In An Apartment

Washing a car when living in an apartment can be challenging due to the lack of a garage. You also may not be able to use a water hose to …

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Which Apartment Floor is the Best (Top, Middle, or Bottom)?

Which Apartment Floor Is The Best

Every apartment floor comes with its fair share of pros and cons. Therefore, it is impossible to objectively say which apartment level is the best. It all boils down to …

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6 Easy Ways to Make an Apartment Balcony Private

How to Make an Apartment Balcony Private

Life if an apartment can be quite fulfilling and comfortable. You get neighbors to socialize with and a comfortable space to truly make your own. However, something that apartments lack …

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Can Landlord Prevent Guests From My Apartment?

Can Landlord Prevent Guests From My Apartment

No, your landlord can not stop your guests from coming to your apartment (unless your guests are disruptive and refuse to follow the building’s regulations). However, there are exceptions to …

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What Does Bachelor Apartment Mean?

What Does Bachelor Apartment Mean

A bachelor apartment refers to one that has a bedroom, living room, and kitchen in a single room. At the same time, there is one separate bathroom. The living space …

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Do Apartments Come With Fridges/Refrigerators?

Do Apartments Come With Fridges

Yes, apartments can come with a fridge, but not all of them do. While not all housing setups are built and equipped with installations the same, many do feature electric …

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What Happens During an Apartment Inspection?

What Happens During Apartment Inspection

If you live in a rented apartment, the owner may perform routine inspections with notice. During this inspection, they will check for various things, such as signs of interior damage …

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What Uses the Most Electricity in an Apartment?

What Uses the Most Electricity in an Apartment

High electricity bills are a common occurrence for most people. More often than not, there are some appliances that use more electricity than others. Keeping note of them and reducing …

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Does Apartment Rent Include Utilities?

Does Apartment Rent Include Utilities

In some cases, apartment rent may include the cost of utilities, but not always. In some cases, tenants may have to pay the bills separately on top of their monthly …

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How to Hang a Punching Bag in an Apartment?

How to hang a punching bag in an apartment

If you want to start boxing but cannot be bothered to go to the gym, hang a punching bag in your apartment. It will help you get some exercise every …

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