How to Write Apartment Address the Correct Way?

Most people believe that they know how to write an apartment address.

Unfortunately, they are often caught by surprise when their mail is bounced back or lost due to an improperly written address.

These mishaps can easily be avoided if you learn how to write the address in the correct way and follow all of the instructions.

Today, we will go over how you write the apartment address the correct way.

We have also included some tips to ensure you never have to deal with your mail bouncing because of the address again!

How to Write a Common Apartment Address

Writing an apartment address in the correct way is a useful skill that everyone should have.

It can save you time and effort. It also ensures that you face no issues in filing claims for package theft should the need arise. Let’s go over how to write a common apartment address.

Here is an example of how you can write the recipient’s address in the correct format.

John Doe
456 Main St, Building A, Apartment 6
New York, NY 00000

The very first thing to keep in mind is the importance of using the recipient’s real, legal name.

People who are new to an apartment complex and waiting to receive some mail should realize that the delay could be because of a nickname they’re using.

Therefore, always use the legal name so your mail can reach the recipients on time.

The next thing to consider is the multiple address lines offered to you. The main lines are the first two.

The first address line should have your recipient’s real, legal name on top.

It should be followed by their complete street number, their apartment address, and the apartment number. All of these details go on the second address line offered to you.

Be sure to add a comma after the street address for clarity.

Most people fail to use the second address line for its intended purpose. It is mostly to offer you extra room in case the recipient’s name or the building’s name is too long to fit one line.

If you still require more space, you can always go onto the next line to write the recipient’s apartment number.

Finally, the third address line should contain the name of the recipient’s city, state, and postal code.

Here again, is the example of how to write the recipient’s/apartment address in the right way.

John Doe
456 Main St, Building A, Apartment 6
New York, NY 00000

Writing Your Apartment Address on Online Forms

Some people living in apartments often find it a challenge to write their addresses in online forms.

They are left confused about what details go in which line. But, this is actually quite easy to learn!

For starters, you will notice a ‘Primary Address’ field in which you add the basic details about your residence.

You will notice a field called ‘Secondary Address’ directly below the ‘Primary Address.’ In this field, mention your apartment, floor, and unit numbers.

You should use secondary address designators (more on them below!) in this section to simplify the address.

It also helps prevent confusion and reduces the chances of wrong deliveries.

How to Write Apartment Address for International Deliveries

Do you have family living abroad? Perhaps you have found a pen pal who lives across the world. You will need to address your mail for international deliveries, and the rules can be different here.

It is important to note that different countries require the mailing address to follow different formats.

The best way to get it right is by visiting Universal Postal Union. You can also look up the address requirements for a specific country online.

The general process is quite similar across the world. However, there are small variations to be careful about.

You might have to add the city name and postal code on the third address line without any abbreviations. You might even be required to write the country’s name in capital letters!

Important Points to Remember

Now that you know exactly how to write an apartment’s address in the correct way let’s move forward.

Here are some important points you should keep in mind while writing the address.

Write Clearly

The apartment address on your mail should be written clearly and in neat handwriting.

Try to avoid cursive lettering, as it can be difficult to understand. Instead, you should use block letters as much as possible to ensure that your mail is forwarded properly.

It is best to use a permanent pen or a thin-tipped marker to write the address. Avoid using a pencil or other materials that smudge.

You should also use an ink color that contrasts well with the color of your envelope. Black works great on a white envelope!

Include the Return Address

There is always a chance that your mail or packages bounce back.

Under such circumstances, your return address will ensure that the mail is returned to you within the given time frame.

You can use the format and instructions that are mentioned above to write down your return address.

It gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you will get the mail back if any problems arise.

This can save you time as you won’t have to sit and wonder why your recipient hasn’t responded yet!

Use a Secondary Address Designator

When you’re writing an apartment address, you will need to use secondary address designators.

Not only do these make it easier to write addresses, but they also save your time and effort!

A secondary address designator is an abbreviation used in the apartment address. You might think they are unnecessary, but not using them can cause a delay in your mail or package delivery.

Therefore, we recommend all of our readers familiarize themselves with these secondary address designators. Some of the most commonly used ones are mentioned below for your ease.

  • Apartment – APT.
  • Building – BLDG.
  • Department – DEPT.
  • Floor – FL.
  • Room – RM.
  • Suite – STE.

Using secondary address designators is recommended by all mailing experts. However, there are instances when you should avoid using abbreviations on the address lines.

You should make sure that you don’t abbreviate any street names or city names. This increases the chances of your mail or packages being delivered to the wrong address.

Take Note of Any Special Requirements

Finally, the last factor you should consider is whether you’re required to use a special format for certain deliveries.

This usually happens if the name and address of the recipient (which could be you or any other person to who you are sending mail) are too long.

These longer addresses will require you to make use of three address lines instead of the usual two.

In such circumstances, you should remember to include the street name and street number on the first address line.

The second address line should be filled out with the building letter and the apartment number. In the last address line, you should include the state, city of the recipient, and their postal code.

Additionally, if you wish to include any special designators or a ‘care of’ element into the address, that is possible too. Simply add it right below the recipient’s name.

This means the designator’s name would be on the second line of the address, and the remaining details follow the lines below.

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