What Is an Apartment Complex?

An apartment complex is an area full of apartment homes. These apartment homes contain several essential rooms.

Property management companies typically manage apartment complexes. Features of the complex vary depending on the apartment complex’s location and how it’s managed.

These offer a lot of benefits and varieties. Let’s look at them in detail.

What is An Apartment Complex?

In simple words, it is a structure that houses several apartments and buildings in it. This is usually situated within a block because it is very large.

An apartment complex looks like a single massive building since all buildings are attached together. There are also multiple entrances into the complex.

Some apartment complexes have detached buildings. These end up forming an apartment community.

The number of units in apartment complexes depends on the size of the area and location. Moreover, different tenants occupy each unit.

Every single building within an apartment complex has its own address. However, the apartment structure, rooms, and everything else looks the same.

Moreover, the apartment complexes offer a wide variety of features and amenities. All the neighbors living in the apartment get to share these amenities.

These amenities can include swimming pools, gyms, parking spaces, clubhouses, and more. Depending on how luxurious they are, they may offer more amenities.

Furthermore, an apartment complex is typically managed by property management companies. They assign a property manager who looks after the entire complex.

This property manager performs various tasks, including inspection to see if the building is being maintained. They may also screen tenants before they move in and manage lease agreements.

Depending on your needs and family size, an apartment complex can be an excellent option. It offers various benefits but also has considerable drawbacks.

It is essential that you understand all the features and pros, and cons of apartment complexes. This will help you decide whether they are a suitable living option for you.

Features of an Apartment Complex

As mentioned earlier, depending on the size of the complex and location, features vary. More luxurious apartment complexes offer a variety of amenities and benefits for the tenants.

On the whole, there are some basic features offered by apartment complexes. They include the following:

Parking and Transportation Facilities

Apartment complexes offer various parking and transportation facilities that renters can benefit from.

Each tenant is offered their own parking space for themselves and guests.

You may also be provided with handicap parking, covered parking space, bike storage, and more.

Pet Amenities

If an apartment complex allows pets in the apartment, they may also offer pet amenities. These include dog parks and waste bags.


One of the defining features of apartment complexes is the recreational features. They allow multiple opportunities for tenants to relax and interact with neighbors.

Some of these amenities can include fitness centers, swimming pools, community rooms, spas, etc.

Laundry Rooms

Typically, apartment complexes don’t offer washers and dryers in each apartment. Instead, they have communal rooms with these machines.

However, you are more likely to find laundry rooms in more luxurious apartment complexes.

Features Ideal for Families

Apartment complexes are the perfect options for families mainly because of their family-friendly features. This is also why most apartment complexes target families.

They offer family-friendly features: proximity to schools, recreational centers, and parks.

The luxurious apartment complexes may also offer babysitting services.

Apartment Amenities

Some apartment complexes may also offer amenities to each tenant within the apartment. There are tons of such features that the tenants will have exclusive access to.

These features include internet, Wi-Fi, air conditioning, cable TV, storage rooms, balconies, and more.


The most prominent feature of apartment complexes is the security features.

The apartment management companies do their best to make safety their priority.

Hence, they may offer security amenities. Some of these include a security guard at all times, security cameras, lights, and a doorman.

Pros and Cons of Apartment Complexes

If you consider getting an apartment in an apartment complex, it’s best to weigh out the pros and cons first. Take a look at these:

Pros of Living in an Apartment Complex

Let’s have a look at some of the good things about living in an apartment complex.

Maintenance is Taken Care of

The apartment management company handles all maintenance and repair services. Hence, you will not need to worry about mowing the lawn or fixing the sunk.

This is an excellent benefit for people with demanding jobs. This is because they typically cannot keep up with maintenance tasks.

A Community of Neighbors

When you live in an apartment complex, you are surrounded by neighbors.

This is an excellent thing because you get to socialize and make lifelong friends.

Variety of Amenities

The amenities offered by apartment complexes cannot be found anywhere else.

They give you access to features you would not get in a house.

For example, you have access to covered parking, a fitness center, pools, and excellent security.

Cost-Effective Option

When compared to buying or renting a home, renting an apartment is much cheaper.

Not to mention, the space is limited, which adds to the cost-effectiveness.

Cons of Living in an Apartment Complex

And now let’s have a look at some of the shortcomings of living in an apartment complex.

Space is Limited

When compared to houses, apartments are evidently smaller. Hence, you will not have plenty of space for storage, especially if you have a large family.

In addition to that, even private space is limited in an apartment complex. You will likely not have any privacy outdoors.

Close Proximity to Neighbors Might Not Be Good

Depending on your apartment’s location, you will likely have neighbors on either side of your apartment.

Not just that, but you will also have neighbors above and below you.

This means that you likely won’t have much privacy. Moreover, the noise will constantly be filtering through your apartment.

Hence, many neighbors might potentially disturb your peace and quiet.

Strict Rules and Regulations

There typically are strict rules and regulations in apartment complexes. All tenants will need to abide by them.

This means that tenants might be limited in terms of having pets or making modifications to the apartment.

This is not something you need to worry about in a house.

Difference between Apartment Complex and Apartment Community

A lot of people tend to confuse apartment complexes and apartment communities. They thus end up using the terms interchangeably.

However, you must note that the two are completely different from each other. An apartment complex is a structure of apartments.

It is the place that you live in. On the other hand, an apartment community makes the place feel like home.

An apartment community is a group of neighbors living in an apartment complex together. They are your neighbors and people who live in the same vicinity as you.

Final Words

 An apartment complex is an excellent living option for many. It offers multiple features, a community of neighbors, and inexpensive living.

The decision to live in an apartment complex depends on your family size, needs, budget, and preferences. Some people prefer to live here because of the community and amenities.

However, others might find that living with so many neighbors invades their privacy. All in all, you must carefully consider the pros and cons before making a move.

You should also look up all the amenities an apartment complex offers before signing the lease.

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