Are Goldendoodles Good Apartment Dogs?

There are some dogs that can handle living in a small space better than others. This is why you might be wondering if Goldendoodles are a suitable choice.

These adorable, active, and friendly dogs make excellent pets. They are also good apartment dogs since they adapt quickly to their environment. 

Can Goldendoodles Live In An Apartment?

Being a mix of golden retrievers and poodles, Goldendoodles are a reasonably big dog breed. For this reason, you might wonder whether they would be comfortable living in apartments. 

Luckily, these dogs adapt really well to their surroundings. They are flexible, active, and versatile, which means they can be comfortable in most living situations.

Hence, they can live in an apartment as long as you fulfill all of their needs. These intelligent dogs can live in small apartments and homes. 

Not to mention, Goldendoodles are amiable dogs. As a result, they will be able to comfortably live with other animals and kids. 

Another benefit of keeping Goldendoodles in your apartment is that they don’t shed fur. This can be a significant issue when living in a small space.

Fortunately, shedding is not a worry for Goldendoodle owners. Not to mention, Goldendoodles are also easy to train since they like to please their owners.

All in all, for Goldendoodles, physical space is not as much of an issue as lifestyle. These dogs need frequent mental and physical stimulation, which is why you must keep them active.

Therefore, consider their characteristics and lifestyle needs to see if they are suitable for you. This guide will highlight them to help you decide whether to get these adorable dogs.

Factors to Consider Before Getting a Goldendoodle for Your Apartment 

As mentioned, Goldendoodles can adapt to apartments provided their lifestyle needs are met. Hence, prospective dog owners should take the time to consider their personalities, needs, and activity levels. 

This will help them decide whether these dogs are suitable for them. If you are wondering whether a Goldendoodle can live with you in an apartment, consider these factors:

Their Size

The size of this breed of dog varies. For example, they can be small, medium, or large-sized.

Typically, Goldendoodles grow to a size between 50 and 60lbs. However, some of the bigger variations of these dogs can reach a weight of up to 75lbs.

The size is not much of an issue for Goldendoodles since they can still live comfortably in an apartment. Even the largest of these dogs would be fine in apartments.

They Need Constant Mental Stimulation

As mentioned, Goldendoodles are intelligent and playful dogs. This means that they need constant mental stimulation and to stay occupied.

Otherwise, these adorable dogs can cause a lot of destruction in your apartment. Hence, you should keep plenty of toys for them, especially when you are not around.

They like to chew more when bored, which is why chew toys are a great choice. 

Exercise Is a Daily Requirement

This breed is also highly active and energetic, which is why exercise is essential. If they don’t get exercise, they can develop behavioral problems.

This is why you will need to take these dogs out for walks at least thrice a day. The minimum walk time should also be at least half an hour.

Besides this, they will need to run freely in an open area without a leash. Hence, you will need to take them to the park at least once a week.

Goldendoodles also love to swim, so you should provide them with the opportunity to do that. As their owner, you will be responsible for providing them with physical activity. 

Ease of Training Your Goldendoodle

Since Goldendoodles are quite intelligent, training will not be too difficult. Even first-time dog owners will not have a hard time training their pets.

You should consider positive reinforcement to train your Goldendoodle through praises and treats. Avoid negative reinforcements and being too harsh, as that may have a negative impact on them.

Doing that can also reduce their confidence, so avoid it.

Goldendoodle Barking Habits

For the most part, Goldendoodles don’t bark a lot. However, that may vary depending on the dog’s personality.

Moreover, they also tend to bark more when they are alone. Luckily, you can train them through positive reinforcement to bark less.

There can also be a few cases when your Goldendoodle barks excessively. For example, if they have nothing to do and feel frustrated because of boredom.

Some dogs also bark when they need your attention and want to play. But you can train them not to do this.

Lastly, Goldendoodles also bark to alert you of danger nearby. They actually make excellent guard dogs for that reason as well.

They Cannot Be Left Alone For Too Long

As you may understand by now, Goldendoodles cannot be left alone for too long. In such cases, they may become anxious.

These sociable pets may develop separation anxiety that can lead to destructive behaviors. They may start chewing your things or bark excessively when home alone.

Grooming Needs

The great thing about Goldendoodles is that they shed very little hair. This is a major consideration for apartment dwellers since the small space can get messy. 

Despite this, owners will need to regularly brush their manes to keep them clean. If their fur gets hard to manage, you can also consider getting it shaved. 

While you don’t have to bathe them regularly, you will have to take them to the vet. The vet will groom them by shaping and trimming their fur.

Goldendoodles Can Easily Live With Children and Other Animals

While Goldendoodles are naturally friendly and sociable, you will have to socialize them early. Doing this from an early age will keep them happy and well-behaved around others.

When living in apartments, these dogs will continually interact with neighbors. This will be good for them.

Similarly, taking them to the park will also be good for them since they can interact with other dogs. Due to their sociable nature and calm temperament, Goldendoodles can also live with kids.

Additionally, they are friendly towards other pets in the house too. Hence, you won’t have any problem keeping multiple pets at home.

Tips for Keeping Goldendoodles in Your Apartment

If you have decided to keep a Goldendoodle, here are some tips that might help. Follow them to ensure your puppy lives comfortably in your apartment.

Take Out Time for Exercise and Playtime

Physical activity is essential for all Goldendoodles, so you must make time for it. You should take them out for walks a couple of times during the day.

Build a routine out of this to take them out at a particular time. This will help them stay energized, and a sense of routine will keep them calm.

Moreover, take them to the park at least once a week so they can run around freely. Since your apartment won’t have space and you don’t have a garden, doing this is essential.

You should take them out for walks before you have to leave them alone. This way, they will be tired and sleepy and less likely to be destructive.

Keep Dangerous Items Out of Reach

Consider dog-proofing your house by ensuring that cables and dangerous items are all out of reach. Similarly, you should not make small items accessible to your dog since they could choke on them.

Create a Routine

As mentioned, following a routine helps Goldendoodles know what to expect. Therefore, they are more likely to stay calm and not have behavioral issues.

Part of the routine is also in terms of their training. Goldendoodles are smart animals, which is why they will be able to be potty trained.

Potty training them in the apartment is essential. Hence, you and your pup can easily set a routine with positive reinforcement. 

You can establish a routine for them to go when you take them out for walks. You should also train them to go to the nearest grassy surface.

Provide Them with Toys

Goldendoodles need constant stimulation. If they don’t have toys to keep themselves busy, they will start playing with your things.

The first thing they will attack is your shoes. To prevent this from happening, get plenty of toys for your dog, so they stay occupied.

Additionally, you should set out a playing time with them as well. This will also elevate their mood and keep them busy.

Be Mindful When Leaving Them Alone

Goldendoodles get separation anxiety when left alone for too long. This could be a bigger issue for younger Goldendoodles.

This is why you should not leave them alone for an extended period of time. Otherwise, they will get anxious and bark a lot.

Additionally, they will also engage in destructive acts and develop behavioral issues. But this will need to be done, so you should slowly ease them into being independent.

For example, start leaving them from an early age. You can also install cameras in your apartment to see what your dog is up to.

Final Words

Goldendoodles are lovable, energetic, and intelligent dogs. They are versatile and flexible as well.

All of these qualities make them excellent pets to be kept in apartments. There are a few guidelines you should follow when you have a Goldendoodle in your apartment.

Before getting a Goldendoodle, you should consider factors to see if they are right for you. If you decide to get them, make sure you tend to their physical and mental needs.

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