Are Pit Bulls Good Apartment Dogs?

Contrary to popular belief, Pit Bulls are indoor dogs rather than outside dogs—despite their intimidating appearance, unwavering love of the great outdoors, and reputation. 

Pit Bulls do well in apartments as long as they receive enough exercise each day and have enough room to walk about without feeling cramped. 

However, some landlords won’t accept Pit Bulls as pets. Therefore, you must confirm if your Pit Bull is allowed to live with you in your unit. 

In light of this, here is everything you need to know about owning a Pit Bull while living in an apartment.

Pit Bull Temperament

Bulldog and terrier breeds were cross-bred to produce what we now know as Pit Bulls. Essentially, breeders were looking to cross the bulldog’s might with the terrier’s daring nature.

They seem to have been successful, since the Pit Bull quickly became one of the most well-known breeds used in dog fighting, which is now prohibited in the US. 

Here are a few facts about the temperament of this mighty dog breed:

They are Alpha Dogs

Pit Bulls do not develop personalities until they are about three years old. He begins pushing his limits by the end of his first year. Keep in mind that Pit Bulls are alpha dogs by breed.

Thus, there must be no question in your dog’s mind that you are the “alpha.” Otherwise, it will quickly take over and start behaving aggressively, and you wouldn’t want that to happen in a small living space. 

They Can Be Aggressive Towards Other Animals

Pit Bulls were originally bred to hunt down and trap wild boar and cattle, or more accurately, to keep the animals down until their owners controlled the situation. 

Over time, some breeders began emphasizing traits that enhanced their ability to compete in dog fights. So, Pit Bulls have an aggressive nature and are fundamentally aggressive towards other animals. 

So, if you own a cat or any other animal while living in an apartment, the Pit Bull is not the apartment dog for you. 

They Can Be Loyal and Loving

Pit Bulls are renowned for being devoted and loyal to all household members. Pit Bulls have shown heroic deeds, including saving family members from harm in various situations and animals from floods.

This trait encourages people to adopt this dog breed, regardless of their aggressive nature. Ultimately, they like interacting with others and participating in family activities. 

However, the key here is proper training. 

They are Highly Active

Due to their athletic nature, Pit Bulls require daily exercise. So, if you want to live in an apartment with this dog breed, ensure you’re giving it ample amounts of physical activity. 

Otherwise, your Pit Bull will get annoyed and destructive. This won’t be enjoyable since the combination of their terrier “never stop” genes and bulldog “strength” makes for a pretty destructive bundle. 

You name it: couches, boots, and beds! They’ll all be torn to pieces.

How to Keep Your Pit Bull Happy in an Apartment

Pit Bulls make great apartment dogs, especially if you keep them happy. With that in mind, here are a few tips that will help you live in an apartment with a Pit Bull with relative ease and comfort:

Provide Your Pit Bull with Plenty of Affection

Love and affection go further than anything else with a Pit Bull, even if exercise is necessary.

So, be careful to always offer your Pit Bull love and attention in a limited environment where they are typically in close proximity to you. 

Otherwise, it will feel neglected and take out its anger on household items!

Eliminate Odors

Pit Bulls are generally not difficult to toilet train, but it’s important to be aware that living in an apartment may worsen potty training mishaps. 

So, stop these mistakes from stinking up your apartment.

If they do, make sure your potty-training efforts are even more meticulous, and be careful about cleanliness to minimize problems with your neighbors.

If required, consider spending money on grooming services to keep your Pit Bull clean and healthy. 

Furthermore, consider hiring carpet cleaners to conduct a steam cleaning in your apartment every month to remove urine and potty smells. 

Provide Your Pit Bull with Plenty of Physical Activity

We consider this the most crucial step in raising a Pit Bull in an apartment. After all, exercise is essential for this dog breed.

They need to move around and get outside because they have plenty of pepped-up energy inside them. 

So, if you want to live with a Pit Bull in an apartment, ensure you allot 30 to 60 minutes each day to take your Pit Bull for walks so that it can burn off some energy.

When you do this, they will behave very differently and become happier and healthier. In all honesty, it’s your only choice if you want to live in an apartment with your Pit Bull and keep things under control. 

Keep Your Apartment Balcony and Windows Open

To promote ventilation and give the dog some fresh air, keep your apartment’s windows open as much as possible. 

In fact, you can even open your apartment’s balcony for a few hours throughout the day if it has one.

Your Pit Bull will feel less constrained near open windows or the balcony, creating the sense that the apartment is larger than it actually is.

However, whatever you do, never leave your dog unattended near balconies and open windows to avoid mishaps.

Keep Your Pit Bull Mentally Stimulated

You must ensure that your Pit Bull receives plenty of mental stimulation. If not, it will feel bored or unhappy, leading to destructive behavior.

Giving your Pit Bull puzzle toys to play with is the best approach to achieve this. Such activity will encourage your dog to use its brain to obtain a prize.

For example, any board puzzle toy from Amazon, which is available in a variety of patterns and levels of difficulty, can be a huge hit with your Pit Bulls. 

The toy will allow your dog to engage with various knobs and sliders as well as several open flaps to discover concealed treats.

Create a Designated Space for Your Pit Bull

Try to give the dog a special area where it may feel secure and at ease, whether playing, exercising, relaxing, or sleeping. 

Your Pit Bull’s crate, food and water dishes, toys, and other necessities should all fit in this area.

However, ensure the dog is in an accessible location of the apartment and that the space is large enough to accommodate its size comfortably.

Furthermore, avoid keeping your Pit Bull in its crate for too long because doing so will make it feel even more constrained and lonely.

Lastly, to make the crate cozier and more appealing, it’s also advised to add some of your Pit Bull’s favorite toys and soft bedding. 

Socialize Your Pit Bull Properly

It’s crucial to socialize your Pit Bull early to prevent it from having any behavioral issues that might impact how it behaves inside the apartment or among people.

Your Pit Bull can adjust better to different situations if it is socialized properly. It will be able to engage less aggressively with people and other animals, making it feel less alone.

How to Get Permission from Your Landlord to Keep a Pit Bull in Your Apartment

Even if your landlord doesn’t allow tenants to keep a Pit Bull, you could still be able to obtain permission to do so. 

If you’re confident that your Pit Bull can adapt to apartment life without causing any issues, you can provide your landlord with specific information and evidence of its good behavior. 

This might persuade them to reconsider and make an exception for you. Such information includes:

A Higher Deposit or Additional Fees

Some landlords could charge you a larger deposit or other costs if you want to bring a dog into the property. 

But this money is not a bribe. Instead, it’s a goodwill gesture to show your landlord that you are a responsible dog owner and have faith in your Pit Bull’s excellent behavior.

Videos and Pictures

Send a digital file with various images and videos showing your Pit Bull being charming and friendly around you and others. 

This will show your landlord that your Pit Bull is friendly and can live in an apartment without being aggressive toward you or others. 

Letters of Recommendation

You can also provide your landlord with letters of recommendation from friends and family that attest to your Pit Bull’s good behavior. This is a great idea when your landlord doesn’t trust your word. 

Your Pit Bull’s Medical Records

The dog’s veterinarian should provide these papers containing all the necessary details for your Pit Bull’s registration status, health issues, and the vaccines it has had.

Your Pit Bull’s Resume

Basic details about your dog, such as its name, gender, age, height, weight, and color, should be listed on its résumé. 

It should also list your Pit Bull’s registration documents, the breeders’ information, and if it has received service dog training. 

States Where It’s Illegal to Keep a Pit Bull in an Apartment

Breed-specific legislation (BSF) prohibits or limits Pit Bull ownership in several states. Pit Bulls cannot be kept in residences in these states or localities.

So, if you reside in the US, the following is a list of all the states that prohibit or have laws prohibiting the possession of Pit Bulls:

  • Vermont
  • Mississippi
  • Wisconsin
  • Nebraska
  • Delaware
  • Tennessee
  • Louisiana
  • Wyoming
  • Maryland
  • New Mexico
  • Kentucky
  • North Dakota
  • South Carolina
  • West Virginia
  • Arkansas
  • Montana
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio  
  • Missouri
  • Idaho
  • Georgia
  • Indiana
  • Iowa  
  • Oregon
  • Alabama
  • Michigan
  • Kansas
  • Washington

So, before purchasing a Pit Bull, research the regulations and rules of the state or municipality you reside in. This will allow you to avoid facing harsh legal repercussions for possessing a prohibited breed.

Even if there isn’t breed-specific regulation in your locality, you should still check with your apartment building’s landlord. They sometimes prohibit such breeds, regardless of any laws. 

Wrapping Up

Are Pit Bull good apartment dogs? Yes, as long as you are completely prepared, a Pit Bull can live comfortably inside a small living space.

However, keep in mind that neither this task nor working with most dog breeds will be simple! You’ll need to put in the effort.

Every little thing counts, so ensure your Pit Bull is well-fed and goes for an hour-long walk every day. If not, you’ll have a stressed-out Pit Bull on your hands that will cause trouble!

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