Are Chihuahuas Good Apartment Dogs?

Chihuahuas are little yet mighty, which is the best way to characterize them. These little puppies have personalities that are larger than life. 

Those born before 1990 may recall the Taco Bell advertisements featuring these lovely puppies, and asking our parents for such a pet.

You may have thought of adopting a Chihuahua while living in an apartment but were unsure whether it would be wise to get one. 

However, rest assured that these small dogs make excellent apartment pets. With that in mind, here are a few pros and cons of owning a Chihuahua while living in an apartment.

Cons of Living with a Chihuahua in an Apartment

Here are a few downsides of living in an apartment with a Chihuahua:

They are Prone to Health Problems

Chihuahuas are susceptible to various breed-specific health problems, as are many purebred puppies. These can include patella luxation, mitral valve disease, and epilepsy. 

If you adopt your Chihuahua from a breeder, they should do the necessary health checks on the parents and the puppies. 

The breeder should welcome your inquiries regarding the best ways to raise your new puppy and its overall health.

They Bark A Lot

Chihuahuas are vocal canines who don’t hesitate to speak up! So, make sure your dog is receiving enough attention, including mental and physical stimulation. 

This is typically brought on by “Small Dog Syndrome.” However, it can be prevented with the right training. So, it is advisable to socialize with them while they are very young. 

Bring them along wherever you go, and when people ooh and ahh over how adorable they are, ask them to hold your furry little friend. 

This teaches your dog that it’s OK, and significantly reduces the possibility that this undesirable behavior will develop in the first place.

Furthermore, consider giving your Chihuahua a chew toy during phone calls or meetings to reduce barking. This is especially the case if you work from home.

These methods can also be applied at mealtimes with the family. Ultimately, your dog will be busy playing with its toy and won’t bark unnecessarily. 

You Should Exercise Caution If You Have Kids

Chihuahuas are teeny, dainty dogs, but they also have a lot of energy and can be a bit fierce sometimes. If you have kids in your apartment, they need to learn safe ways to interact with your Chihuahua. 

So, teach your little children to be patient and kind with your pup. Regardless of how often they interact, never leave young children alone with dogs. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Pros of Living with a Chihuahua in an Apartment

Here are a few pros of owning a Chihuahua while living in an apartment:

They Have a Long Lifespan

Chihuahuas live between 10 and 13 years on average. For a dog, this is a long lifespan. This breed is perfect if you’re searching for a dog you’ll keep for a while. 

However, don’t forget that you are in charge of providing for them throughout their existence. 

So, before bringing a dog home, consider whether you move frequently, plan to have children, or work long hours.

They are Easy to Maintain and Groom

Both coat types are manageable, but Chihuahuas with smooth coats are even simpler to care for than those with long hair. Long haired Chihuahuas require more regular appointments with the groomer. 

Of course, both Chihuahua breeds still require routine veterinary care, nail clipping, and oral hygiene to prevent dental problems.

They are Extremely Intelligent

Chihuahuas are intelligent canines. They are capable of learning tricks as well as obedience commands. Early training and socializing do help them. 

However, to help your dog develop confidence, you should expose them to various people, places, and objects. 

Therefore, if you have a park near your apartment, take your Chihuahua for a walk every day or two.

They Are Great for Small Places

Due to their small size, Chihuahuas don’t require as much outside activity as larger dogs, which is one of their major advantages. 

They often receive enough exercise by moving about the house or a small yard. They are great pets for those who live in apartments or other compact spaces.

They Can Be Potty Trained to Use an Indoor Litter Box

This is one of the more notable benefits of owning a Chihuahua while living in an apartment. However, you shouldn’t use it as an excuse to avoid taking your dog for walks. 

Chihuahuas require exercise just like other dogs do. Additionally, don’t forget that Chihuahuas have been known to ingest cat litter from the litter box

These little canines risk dying if they consume cat litter. Instead, fill your Chihuahua’s litter box with newspaper or some organic dog litter.

They Make Excellent Guard Dogs

Although their size won’t necessarily dissuade anyone, they are excellent at alarming and alerting their owners when someone is approaching or knocking. 

After all, territorial behavior is a common trait amongst this small dog breed. 

How to Puppy-Proof Your Apartment for a Chihuahua

If you intend to bring your new Chihuahua puppy home to your apartment but aren’t sure how to puppy-proof it, here are a few tips you can follow:

Remove Toxic Substances and Materials

Some products are hazardous to pets, such as pharmaceuticals and cleaning supplies. However, other items such as plants, essential oils, and some foods can be fatal to pets.

Therefore, you should go around your apartment and eliminate harmful things from areas your curious pup can reach. Keep in mind that Chihuahuas are curious and like to explore everything.

So, it would be wise to keep these items out of reach. 

Get a Crate or a Kennel

Speaking of safe places, Chihuahuas prefer to have a spot where they can unwind. When you leave the house, a crate or a kennel is a terrific place for them to hang out, sleep, or have a time out.

Your dog can have a designated bedroom in a cage or crate, which allows you to go out without worrying that they’ll wreck your apartment.

Spray Furniture with Bitter Spray

All dogs love to lick and bite random items regardless of their breed and size. It might seem cute at first. But that won’t be the case when your apartment furniture is involved. 

So, purchase a bitter spray that you can use to discourage chewing and stop an enthusiastic pup from damaging your furnishings. 

Simply spray it on the furniture, and the puppy will learn not to chew that object since it tastes bitter.

Hide Chargers and Cords

Chihuahuas find it enticing to chew on things like TV wires and phone chargers. If your dog chews through your smartphone charger, it’s inconvenient and risky.

So, ensure you hide or remove all cables at your dog’s eye level while puppy-proofing your apartment. 

You can clip the cables to the back of furniture or TV, bundle them together, or purchase protective casings to wrap them in.

Just ensure that wires aren’t visible regardless of your course of action. 

Clean Up Daily

As mentioned before, your furry little friend will love to chew on whatever it can get its paws on, as babies do. 

So, to prevent your Chihuahua from choking on little things while chewing on them, you should clean up your apartment and remove any clutter from the floor.

In fact, you should ensure that you clean up your place often. Even if having a dog requires a lot of effort, at least your flat will be tidy and clutter-free.

Troubleshoot Problems Beforehand

Before beginning to puppy-proof, you should walk through your apartment and look at any possible trouble spots.

Due to its small size, your Chihuahua can fit into tight spots, like areas under the couch or the dresser. 

So, look for any potential hiding places for your furry little friend, determine whether they are dangerous, and if they are, figure out how to close them off.

You can start resolving the issues once you’ve created a list of every location in your apartment that can be problematic for you and your Chihuahua.

Tips for Apartment Training Your Chihuahua

Here are a few ways you can train your Chihuahua to live in an apartment:

Create Boundaries

Don’t let your Chihuahua sleep on your bed, no matter how adorable they are. Your Chihuahua should know that your bed is off-limits for it. 

Assure it During Loud Noises

High-pitched sounds are present in urban areas. So, help assure your Chihuahua’s fears that loud noises are not dangerous. 

Keep your cool and appear “pleased” despite these unexpected sounds, such as honking cars and ambulance sirens.

Dedicate Time to Training

Training is essential to remain a good neighbor and keep your Chihuahua safe. 

So, if your Chihuahua escapes from their collar into a busy street with oncoming traffic, instructions like “Come” or “Stay” could save its life.

Don’t Skip Playtime

Apartment life has limited outside space, so explore the neighborhood to find green spaces and parks for strolls and playing.

So, go for walks with your Chihuahua daily. If that’s not possible, go for walks as much as possible. 

Wrapping Up

Ultimately, living in an apartment with a Chihuahua has both advantages and disadvantages. However, they make fantastic apartment pets if you take the time to train and socialize them correctly. 

You can put them in adorable clothing, carry them anywhere, and always have a buddy to rely on. So, if you’re ready for tons of cuddling, a Chihuahua and you will make the ideal pair for apartment life.

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