Apartment vs. Suite – What’s the Difference?

The difference between an apartment and a suite is subtle. However, it is worth noting them.

An apartment is typically designed for long stays, ranging from months to years.

However, in many cases, suites are designed for shorter stays. There are also some other essential differences.

This article, therefore, discusses these differences in detail.

You can then use this information to pick one that best fits your needs if you need a new place to stay.

Various Differences Between an Apartment and a Suite

It’s important to mention that there are exceptions to some of the differences between apartments and suites mentioned below.

Moreover, the differences can also vary based on which country you live in.

In some cases, the owner may prefer to call an apartment a suite or the other way around. These terms may also be used interchangeably by some owners listing their properties for rent.

Therefore, it’s best not to take these differences as definitive. If anything, these terms can help direct you in your search for certain types of accommodation.

It’s also worth noting that this discussion focuses only on renting these types of living spaces. The situation can vary when you’re looking to purchase an apartment.

With that said, here is an overview of the various differences between the two.

Differences in Kitchens Between Apartments and Suites

One of the most agreed-upon differences between apartments and suites by most people is the presence of a kitchen. In most cases, an apartment comes standard with a kitchen.

The kitchen is likely to have all of the essentials. These essentials include a full-sized stove, storage cabinets, and enough space for a refrigerator.

It also includes a sink (possibly with garbage disposal and dishwasher).

On the other hand, suites typically do not have kitchens. Some larger ones may have kitchenettes at most.

Kitchenettes are smaller than regular residential kitchens.

They typically don’t include a stove and oven. Instead, they have a hotplate with two plates, which may not suffice for cooking certain items.

In addition to that, a kitchenette may include a microwave and a small sink. You are highly unlikely to find one with a dishwasher and garbage disposal.

What also separates kitchenettes from regular kitchens is the lack of space in the former.

Kitchenettes have limited storage space, which can make everyday living in a suite challenging for families.

Differences in Furnishing Between Apartments and Suites

Suites are always furnished when you choose to move into one.

Therefore, you don’t need to purchase various furnishing items during your stay in a suite. Therefore, you can save a bit of money.

However, this can become a cause for concern if you already have furniture in your current home. If you don’t want to sell or give away your items, you’ll need to locate a temporary space to store them.

Apartments may or may not be furnished. Apartments with furnishing may cost more than others with similar locations and sizes.

Therefore, you still have the choice to take your furniture into an apartment.

That said, you can still take your furniture into a suite. However, finding space for your items may be a concern.

It’s also best to speak to the owner about bringing your own furniture into the suite. Some may not allow that. Failure to follow the rules may result in bad tenant reviews for you.

As a result, that may make it harder to find accommodation in the future.

Differences in Size Between Apartments and Suites

It’s important to understand that this point is not always the case. That said, in most cases, apartments are larger than suites.

Therefore, you have more storage space, and you may even have more rooms in an apartment.

You may find an apartment with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a full-size kitchen, a laundry room, and a living room.

Larger apartments cost more, but they can be much larger than the largest suites.

That said, there are small apartments, such as bachelor apartments and studio apartments. These are designed for one to two persons at most.

Such apartments may also be smaller or similarly-sized to suites. Therefore, the size aspect may not be a concern if you’re looking for small apartments and suites.

Differences in Cleaning Services Between Apartments and Suites

In many suites, you may also have the benefit of daily cleaning services. Of course, this may vary based on the suite owner.

However, apartments may not have room-cleaning services in most cases. If they do, they may not be as frequent as those in suites. Extra costs may be required for such cleaning services.

Another type of service worth noting is laundry service. Apartments usually have a dedicated laundry area. Therefore, you don’t need to pay for external services.

Most suites may not have that service. If they do, they may be an additional cost to the rent of the suite.

If they don’t, you will need to find a dedicated laundry service for your clothes.

It’s always best to confirm these details with the property owner before choosing your accommodation type.

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When Should You Get an Apartment or a Suite?

Your personal preferences will likely dictate whether you should stay in an apartment or suite.

However, here are some points about when making this decision.

Apartments Are Better Than Suites for the Long Term

You should get an apartment if you plan to live in it for the long term. A suite is designed for temporary stays, so it can be limiting to personalize the space.

That may be less of a problem with living in an apartment. Therefore, you can make your apartment feel homey by adding your own furniture and other modifications.

Of course, you will need to consult the apartment owner before you make any modifications.

Moreover, apartments are better than suites for long-term stays because of the neighborhood.

If people don’t stay long in suites, you may not be able to get to know your neighbors. That can result in an isolating living experience.

An apartment with neighbors you know can help develop a sense of belonging.

Suites Are Great Temporary Places to Stay on a Budget

If you need a home quickly on a budget, then a suite may be a better option than an apartment.

You are also likely to have a fully furnished living space. So, you don’t need to invest in anything to stay there.

Apartments May Be Better Suited for Families

As mentioned above, suites may not be particularly large. In addition to that, they may not have full-sized kitchens with adequate storage space. They may also not include a private laundry room

Thus, these factors can become challenging for large families to live in one. One person or a couple can manage in a suite.

However, cooking food for your spouse and children can be tough in a kitchenette.

So, if you have a large family, it’s best to look for large apartments with enough rooms. That said, if you’re operating on a tight budget, there’s no harm in looking at suites.

You may find a suite with adequate living space at an affordable rate as well. Therefore, be thorough with your searches.

Also, you can stay in a suite for a short period while looking for a larger apartment.

Last Few Words

When you’re looking for a new home, it may be good to explore both suites and apartments.

You’ll only be able to know if a living space will work for you if you take a good look at it yourself.

For example, some apartments may not be as roomy as suites in the same price range. 

So, don’t rely too much on the terms as much as you should on your assessment of specific spaces.

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