11 Tips to Make Your Apartment Look Expensive

You don’t need to have an expensive apartment for it to look luxurious. Making your apartment look expensive with external items works quite well.

That way, it will look and feel great both to you and your guests.

Along with adding certain items, you can also create extra space by removing extraneous things to make small spaces look large.

That is another way to make an apartment look expensive. With that said, this article offers different methods to make your apartment look like it’s worth the rent money.

Ways to Make Your Apartment Look Expensive

Many of the tips mentioned below assume that you live in a rented apartment.

Therefore, none of them offer major structural changes. So, you won’t need to speak to your homeowner for permission.

Moreover, you can also find some inexpensive methods to make your apartment look nicer. Just a bit of good interior design can make a significant impact.

Incorporate Large Art Pieces in Your Home

Collecting art is often what many rich people do. So, hanging large art pieces can instantly increase the overall value of your apartment (at least in terms of appearances).

There are many struggling artists out there. So, you can help support them by buying their art.

In addition to supporting them, their pieces are more likely to be priced lower than those of famous artists.

Don’t limit yourself to hanging paintings only. Small statues, vases, and other decoration pieces also help.

Just make sure to display them well and not tuck them away hidden behind a cabinet door.

Art pieces can be a bit expensive, but the value they add to a room is unmatched.

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Place Large Curtains in Front of Your Windows

Great curtains can completely transform your room. You can also utilize this tip in your living room and bedrooms. It’s best to stick with long curtains that almost touch the floor.

Short curtains that end in the middle of the wall won’t add a luxurious aesthetic to your rooms. It’s a sign of cutting costs.

Short curtains also give the impression that they are ready-made. Long curtains, on the other hand, are often custom-made.

This is because they vary in length to extend from the top of the curtain to the floor. This height is not consistent among homes.

You can save money on your drapes with curtain rods. They are less likely to be visible. So, you can buy basic plastic ones from the store.

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Some Tips When Picking Curtains

When picking curtains, choose the ones that complement your room aesthetics well. This includes the color schemes and any patterns that may be present on the curtain.

A safe option is to pick sheer curtains. They can look classy and can be cost-effective.

In addition to that, you should also buy two curtains instead of one. Two curtains that open in opposite directions have a much more luxurious appearance than just one.

You should also use a rod wide enough to expose the entire window when the curtains are open.

Also, place the rod about 4 to 6 inches from the frame of the window. Took close or too high can look bad.

Use King-Sized Pillows for Your Bed

Whether you have one or more beds in your apartment, use king-sized pillows for them. Doing so can make your bed look grander, giving a more luxurious appearance and feel.

You can also use silk pillow covers to add to the luxury. If you’d rather avoid silk, satin is a good option.

Larger pillows with silk covers can also greatly increase the comfort of your bed.

Mount Your TV to the Wall

In many rented apartments, you may not have permission to mount your TV to a wall. This is because you will need to drill holes into the wall which can damage it, and the homeowner may not allow that.

They may also have you pay the damages if you do it without permission.

That said, if you can mount your TV, do try it!

It can make your living room look more expensive. This is because it can increase space (as you won’t need a large console). It also hides the cables.

A neater look is a sign of well-thought-out interior design, which can make a room look expensive. You can also utilize the center console space for decoration pieces.

Improve the Lighting in Your Rooms

Changing the lighting fixtures in your rooms can go against the lease rules of a rented apartment. So, review the lease and ask permission from the homeowner before making any changes.

If you don’t get permission, you can add other lighting elements, such as tabletop lamps.

There are also wall corner lights that can change color. These are great ambient lighting options that can add some color to your rooms.

In addition to lighting elements, try to get in as much natural lighting in your apartment during the day. Ample natural light will make your apartment feel larger.

Thus, your apartment may look more expensive than it is.

Display Your Books with a Creative Wooden Shelf

If you’re a reader, display your books in your living room or bedroom. You can get a relatively small shelf that won’t take up much space.

A wooden shelf can look much more expensive than a plastic one.

There are many creative designs that you don’t have to hang on walls. Thus, you won’t need to seek permission from your apartment owner to add the shelf to your home.

Improve the Appearance of Your Bathroom with Small Items

Don’t let the appearance of your bathroom make the rest of your apartment look cheap. Try to get small items such as custom bottles for holding liquid soap and other peripherals.

In addition to that, get well-made cases to hold your toiletries, including your toothbrushes, etc. You can also improve the appearance with a larger mirror.

If possible, try to add an LED strip behind your mirror. It can offer additional lighting and make the bathroom look more expensive.

Consider placing fake plants in the bathroom too. Only add real plants if the conditions are suitable enough for them to survive in the bathroom.

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Add Some Metallic Elements in Different Rooms

A few metallic items, such as vases, can create a luxurious aesthetic in your rooms.

That said, use these decorative items tastefully. Too many metallic items can look gaudy.

Keep Your Apartment Clean and Organized

As mentioned above, you don’t only have to invest in things to make your apartment look expensive. Something as simple as keeping your apartment clean at all times can make a significant improvement.

Dirty carpets or empty cups lying around your living room don’t look luxurious. So, always pick up after yourself.

Also, always use coasters for your glasses to avoid staining your wooden or glass furniture.

In addition to keeping things clean, make sure that everything is well organized. Hide items that aren’t in frequent use in cabinets and drawers.

Also, make sure not to clutter too many items in one area. Try to strike a balance of negative and positive space in your interior design.

A ‘positive space’ is the area that contains items. A ‘negative space’ is the open space. Therefore, with a good balance, your rooms won’t look cluttered.

Therefore, a well-planned interior design will help make your apartment look expensive.

Incorporate Some Natural Colors into Your Apartment

It may be worth having a few plants in your living room or even bedroom. Both large and small plants, such as a bonsai tree, can make your apartment look expensive.

Make sure to place them in locations where they get enough sunlight. That said, only get plants if you are confident that you can take care of them.

There’s no point in getting them if they’ll wilt and die days after. That said, you can also get some more temporary.

A vase of fresh flowers on your coffee table can give off a luxurious appearance.

Getting flowers every other day can prove expensive. So, you can only get them when you expect guests over at your apartment.

Get a Large, Comfortable Rug for Your Living Room

A large, comfortable rug can tie the overall appearance of your living room. It’s also a good option if you are not happy with the flooring in your apartment.

A rug can greatly increase the comfort in your living room. The coziness can greatly improve the feeling of luxury in your home.

You should note that a rug can be an expensive option. So, make sure that it’s worth the investment before you settle on one.

Last Few Words

Making your apartment look more expensive than it requires a bit of creative thinking. While buying items can help transform the appearance, try to experiment with changing the layout of your furniture.

As mentioned above, changing things up to balance the negative and positive space can make a great difference.

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