Do Apartments Come Furnished (with Furniture/Bed)?

Some apartments come fully furnished with beds, sofas, kitchen appliances, etc. They are an excellent option for people searching for short-term stays or a cost-effective living.

Furnishing an entire apartment can get very costly. This is why people opt for furnished apartments instead.

This guide will walk you through everything to know about furnished apartments.

Do Apartments Come Furnished?

It really depends on the apartment.

Some apartments may come furnished, and some may not.

It would be best to check with the individual property management company to see if they provide furnished apartments and what, if any, furniture is included.

Most likely, you will still need to bring your own bedding, towels, and other essentials like dishes and cookware.

Furnished Apartments: What You Need to Know

When you move into a new apartment, it is typically empty. However, this is not the case when you rent a furnished apartment.

Most apartments in the country come unfurnished. But there are some that you can find that come with all furniture.

You will need to specifically search for a ‘furnished’ apartment since all other apartments are unfurnished. They are available for short-term leases where people will only be staying for a few months.

Furnished apartments consist of the basic furniture you need for a comfortable living. However, they vary in terms of all of the amenities they provide.

You can find out the exact items by directly contacting the landlord. In most cases, you will be provided with everything.

The basic idea of a furnished apartment is that you only take your clothes and essentials there.

Regardless, furnished apartments are an excellent choice for most people. They make it easier for you to move in and get comfortable.

If you are considering a furnished apartment, you must understand its pros and cons. You should also know the difference between a furnished and unfurnished apartment.

This will help you understand the whole picture and allow you to make a well-informed decision.

Types of Furnished Apartments

Furnished apartments vary in terms of all the items and amenities offered in them. The main types of furnished apartments include the following:

Semi-Furnished Apartments

These are furnished apartments that offer only basic amenities for living. For example, they include a bed, kitchen essentials, and basic living furniture.

With such an apartment, you will need to buy a few things on your own. These can include curtains for privacy, your own garbage bin, plates, and cutlery, etc.

Fully Furnished Apartments

These include everything, including bed, sofa, kitchen appliances, cutlery, and more. Such elaborate homes may even come with a cleaning staff that comes every day to clean.

If you are looking for an apartment that offers more than just the basics, this one is for you. It has everything you need to get settled.

Move-In Ready Apartments

This is very similar to a fully furnished apartment. A move-in-ready apartment makes you feel at home as soon as you enter.

Not only do they have every furniture item you might need, but the apartment is elaborately decorated. They also include toiletries, towels, bed linens, etc.

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Furnished vs Unfurnished Apartments

If you are confused between getting a furnished and an unfurnished apartment, we can help.

Take a look at these differences to understand what you will be paying for:

Costs of Moving

When moving to an unfinished apartment, you need to spend plenty of money and time packing. You have to pack all of your furniture and appliances.

You will likely need to hire a moving company to help pack and transfer your furniture and belongings. This can be considerably expensive.

Moreover, if you need more items for your new space, this will contribute to your overall expenses. But when you move to a furnished apartment, you don’t need so many items.

You also don’t need to hire a moving company altogether. This can be pretty economical.

Rental Cost

This is a significant difference between furnished and unfurnished apartments in the rental price. Furnished apartments tend to have a higher rent than unfinished ones.

This is mainly because all furniture and essential items are already present. Hence, the apartment is move-in ready.

You thus have to pay a higher price for this convenience. However, it is likely that the high rent is still a more budget-friendly option.

This is because you won’t need to spend on furniture when moving to a furnished apartment. You simply don’t need to pay anything for furnishing and decorating the apartment.

Moreover, you would also be saving costs by not hiring a moving company. Keeping all of this in mind, the rental cost for such an apartment does not seem steep.


It is likely that furnished apartments also offer housekeeping services. Typically they offer housekeeping that can come on a weekly or monthly basis.

This is mainly because people who rent furnished apartments tend to come for a short-term stay. Hence, the option of housekeeping resembles that of a hotel.

While this might be costly, it’s an excellent benefit not offered in unfurnished apartments.

Ability to Design Independently

An excellent benefit of renting an unfinished apartment is that it gives you complete control over the design. You can furnish and decorate the house however you like.

Unfortunately, this is not an option you have with furnished apartments. You cannot be that flexible with the design of the house.

You cannot decorate the apartment entirely based on your lifestyle and personal choices. This can be suitable for those searching for a short-term stay.

It is also an excellent choice for those fussy about décor and cannot (or don’t want to) make decisions.  

Pros and Cons of Furnished Apartments

Perhaps the most significant benefit offered by furnished apartments is their convenience. You simply need to pack up and move in.

Moving can be costly, time-consuming, and tedious in an unfurnished apartment. But this is not the case with furnished apartments.

Even moving out of a furnished apartment is easy and convenient. In simple words, furnished apartments make living easy, straightforward, and simple.

While the upfront cost of living in a furnished apartment is higher, it is still cost-effective. You don’t have to buy any more furniture or additional appliances.

Another considerable benefit of furnished apartments is that they have flexible lease terms. Furnished apartments cater to people looking for short-term stays and are on the go.

Hence, they can offer you a shorter lease. This is not an option available for people in unfurnished apartments.

The only considerable con of furnished apartments is that they are more expensive. The average monthly rent of these apartments is much higher.

Moreover, there is a chance that the furnishing might not be your cup of tea. And the fact that others have used it might make you uncomfortable.

You must keep in mind that renting a furnished apartment means you’re responsible for all liabilities. This means that if something gets broken or damaged, it will be your responsibility to pay for it.

What to Look for in Furnished Apartments

If you have decided to rent a furnished apartment, there are some things you need to keep in mind. You should understand everything included, so you know the unit won’t require additional costs.

You should keep these things in mind when searching for furnished apartments:

Lease Type

As mentioned earlier, furnished apartments tend to have flexible lease terms. There are some lease types you can consider.

For example, there is the short-term lease that you normally get with furnished apartments. It’s for renting the apartment for a couple of months, and then you move out.

There are also other lease types you might be offered. This includes a monthly lease, which means you can end the agreement within a month’s notice.

This type of lease is ideal for people who want to move soon or are unsure of their future plans.

List of Furniture Items

Not only should you know what furnishing is included, but also what quality they are. Some landlords may offer essential or average quality furniture items.

This is why you should look at the apartment and furniture before signing the agreement. You must distinguish whether your apartment is fully furnished, semi-furnished, or move-in ready.

Even some fully furnished apartments might contain furniture but miss out on the essential items. Hence, the list of items is very important.

Building Amenities

Besides looking at the actual furnished apartment, you also need to consider the building. After all, a big part of living in an apartment means spending time in the building.

You should look at all of the facilities and a list of amenities offered in the building. See if it includes features that enhance your overall living experiences, like pools and gyms.

Other facilities to see are parking, elevators, whether or not they allow pets, and more. All of this can help you decide if living in the apartment is suitable for you.

Final Words

There are plenty of apartment options you can choose from. One such option is a furnished apartment.

It can be fully furnished, semi-furnished, or move-in ready. Whichever you choose, ensure that it fits your budget and meets all of your requirements.

Choosing a furnished apartment largely depends on various factors. These include lease type, rental cost, furniture items list, and amenities included.

If you want to get a furnished apartment, you must ensure that you do plentiful research. This will help you make a suitable and well-informed decision.

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