Why are Flies Coming into My Apartment

Keeping your home clean and hygienic is very important for healthy living. So, flies buzzing around spreading germs isn’t an ideal situation. 

If you have noticed a sudden surge of flies in your home, it is essential that you find the cause and take measures to rid your home of these insects

Let’s explore how you can do that.

Reasons Why Flies Are Coming into Your Apartment

A number of different flies could be coming into your apartment for various reasons. Here are some of the reasons below:

Leaving Your Window Open

Leaving windows and doors open is a surefire way to invite in all kinds of flies. These insects are always looking for ways like breaks and gaps in a house to sneak inside for food.

Keeping the windows open merely for minutes can attract many flies. However, it is still essential to understand that flies are most likely coming in because they sense something inside your house.

Solution: Keep the flies at bay by keeping your windows closed. 

It is best to avoid opening windows, especially when you know there is something in the house, like an open trashcan or dirty items that may attract flies. 

Rotten or Decayed Food

If you find a bunch of fruit flies roaming around in your house, there is definitely some food that is rotten or decayed.

Many people place fruits in an open basket in the house, and when a piece of fruit starts rotting, you will notice a swarm of flies on the fruits. 

That said, flies aren’t just attracted to food that turns bad but also to spilled food or beverage. 

Sometimes people make a mess in the kitchen when cooking, and they may not get back to cleaning immediately. 

Not wiping the surfaces and delaying putting food away is another big reason flies find their way in, since their senses are pretty sharp.

Solution: If there is fresh food in the house, remember to check it regularly, so it doesn’t suddenly rot. Make sure to eat perishable items in time, so nothing goes to waste. 

When food is past expiry or has decayed, throw it away immediately before it starts releasing a stench strong enough for flies to detect. 

You must also clean up after cooking and wipe away spilled liquids as soon as possible. This is the best way to keep your home clean and hygienic. 

Open Trash Can or Basket

One of the biggest sources of flies is an open trash can. The trash is full of rubbish that flies are attracted to. 

Not to mention a filled-up basket of garbage can carry a strong smell, especially if rotten food or dirty diapers are in there. 

In case your trash can is placed near a window, the stench is easily carried out into the open air.

You will notice that the flies won’t take a minute before they enter your home to hover over the garbage from your house. 

Solution: It is simple. Keep your garbage covered. You must also change its position if you think it is currently placed somewhere the flies can easily get attracted to.

If there is a trash can right outside your home, this can be the primary source. Make sure to keep the lid closed, so the trash remains sealed shut. 

Furthermore, you must empty the trash regularly to ensure you eliminate the source before the flies notice it. 

Standing Water in an Open Area

Pests, like flies, love standing water. In fact, you may have often noticed these insects flying over water puddles when you are out and about. 

Hence, you may find that stagnant water in the bathroom, balcony, or any other space in your house is likely to attract flies to your apartment.

It is essential to understand that standing water doesn’t only refer to water on the floor but also liquids in watering cans or storage cans etc.

Solution: As mentioned before, wiping away any kind of liquid is essential to keep flies at bay. 

You must also ensure that any stored water is also covered so there is no liquid spilled or otherwise around the apartment. 

This standing water can quickly become a reason for flies to enter your home, and it is best to avoid this situation. 

Strong Scent in the House

Insects may be small, but they have a heightened sense of smell. This is what they rely on when looking for breeding spaces or food. 

There could be scents in your home that you are unaware of, but insects like flies may sense it without you knowing. 

For instance, the aroma of strong spices while cooking can be pretty alluring for humans and also makes us salivate. However, it is equally attractive for flies. 

The strong scent is one of the many ways for them to find your apartment. That said, it is not the only aroma that could be luring them in. 

Homes with pets are more likely to see flies in the house because of the scents they carry. Pets can leave behind food or may urinate in places without you knowing. 

Moreover, when not changed regularly, their litter tray can release a smell that multiple insects are attracted to, especially because of the feces.

Solution: Ventilation is very important when you are cooking up a storm. Allow air to pass through but ensure that your cooking surfaces are clean. 

Do not leave spice jars or condiments of any kind open, and close the lids as soon as you are done using items like vinegar or alcohol.   

You must also remember to clean up after your pets and keep a keen eye on them to ensure they aren’t leaving surprises that may be a treat for the flies.   

Light and Warmth

Flies aren’t just attracted to spilled food or scents from your pets. 

Flies could be flying near your apartment window and may fly in only to find an ideal atmosphere in your home that is nice enough for them to stay in.

While it may have been a compliment if it was a cat or a little puppy, you can’t say the same for a fly.

The flies that wander in like this are mostly looking for a safe place to take cover. However, if there is a female fly, it is likely to lay eggs in your home. 

This will mean your apartment could be buzzing with flies in a matter of days. It is essential to remember that flies lay eggs in batches.

In fact, Female flies can lay as many as 500 eggs in a week, which can be quite an overwhelming experience for you. 

Flies are born as maggots when their eggs hatch. It can take them about 6 days to turn into flies.

Although not a great situation, it does give you enough time to clean up your space before they turn into flies that are difficult to get rid of.  

Solution: If you like keeping your apartment warm, you should be extra vigilant in keeping your home clean. Do not provide any reason for flies to come into your home. 

If you spot any maggots in the house, try to find where they are coming from and eliminate them before they turn into flies. 

Flies can lay eggs in trash cans, diaper bins, or litter trays. Thoroughly clean these places and ensure there is no space or gaps in the walls where flies could have laid their eggs. 

Extra Tips to Keep Flies Away From Your Apartment

Here are some tips for you to ensure flies stay away from your home. 

  1. You can install screen doors or windows to prevent flies from entering your apartment without restricting fresh air. 
  2. Keep your home tidy. Cleaning up fallen crumbs and spilled liquids immediately will help you immensely. 
  3. Regularly empty the trash from the entire apartment so nothing attracts flies.
  4. Get air-tight storage containers that will help keep your food fresh for a longer time. This will also ensure that the aroma is contained, so flies stay away.
  5. If you think there is an infestation, do not hesitate to call a professional service. They will ensure your home is fly-free. 
  6. You will also get rid of other pests that may be lurking around your home in the process.
  7. A rare reason for flies coming into your apartment could be a dead rodent in the walls, if you can’t figure out the source
  8. Fix any leaking faucets or taps in the apartment that may cause stagnant water. 

The Final Word

The most straightforward answer for why there are flies in your home is that there is a source they are attracted to. 

Flies are attracted to an unhygienic environment, and keeping your house clean is one of the many ways you can ensure your home is fly-free. 

Remember to store food properly and not leave rotten fruits in the open. Throw away your garbage or cover it, so the stench is contained. 

You can always take preventive measures before the flies intrude so that you are not annoyed by the constant buzzing, and you can also keep germs at bay. 

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