Can Bed Bugs Travel Through Apartment Walls?

Bed bugs are quick and efficient travelers. Hence, they could be a problem for apartment dwellers. 

These creatures can absolutely travel between apartments through the walls. They could travel through the internal structures and plumbing lines of the walls. 

They can enter the walls through light switches, any cracks, or electrical outlets.

Bed Bugs and How They Can Travel Through Apartment Walls 

Bed bugs are small crawling creatures that reproduce rapidly and quickly. They attack and feed on the blood of animals and humans.

They popularly hide under and inside mattresses, bed frames, headboards, and cracks in the walls. In other words, bed bugs can travel in the smallest spaces you can imagine. 

This is why they can travel through the thinnest apartment walls as well. Hence, it is no surprise that bed bugs can travel through electrical wires. 

For these reasons, they can go from one room to another and even travel between apartments. There are other reasons why bed bugs travel so quickly between apartments.

Bed bugs can easily travel between apartments because of shared connections and lines. For example, apartments often have common plumbing and electrical lines.

Bed bugs travel on or through these lines to get from one apartment to another. You should inform the property manager if you suspect or notice any bed bugs in your apartment. 

Chances are that they can travel to other apartments and cause an infestation. Hence, you should also act quickly to remove them from your apartment.

Understanding the Signs of Bed Bug Infestation in Apartments

If you suspect a bed bug infestation but are not yet sure about it, keep reading this guide. There are some signs that can point towards bed bugs infesting your apartments.

These pesky creatures can come into your apartment from your neighbors. They can also come into your home through second-hand furniture, pets, and clothes.

If you have visited a bed bug-infested area, there is a chance you could bring a few homes. These creatures are notorious for traveling on people, animals, and items.

This is typically how they enter homes. And considering how they multiply and reproduce rapidly, they can cause an infestation quickly. 

Without intervention, bed bugs would multiply to a great extent and become a major problem. Examining your body is the best way to tell if there is a bed bug in your apartment.

Bumps on Your Skin

If you notice a red, swollen, and painful bump, this could be caused by a bed bug. You might notice these bumps when you wake up since they may have been caused while sleeping.

These bumps also typically have a clear center that shows bite marks. These are all caused by bed bugs that feed on you. 

Tiny Blood Stains

Another sign of a bed bug infestation is finding blood stains on your bed sheets and pillows. These blood stains won’t belong to you but rather the bed bugs when squished.

Similarly, you might be able to notice their excrement on your pillows and bed sheets. These are typically in a rusty or dark brown color. 

Eggshells or Shedding Skin in Cracks and Crevices

Bed bugs may travel on your bed or skin, but they find shelter in small, dark spaces. For example, in headrests or cracks in the walls.

If you suspect a bed bug infestation, you should observe these areas. They might have empty eggshells or shedding skin belonging to bed bugs.

Musty Odors 

Odors are another sign of a bed bug infestation in your apartment. These creatures often release a pungent and musty odor. 

You should search for it in the same crevices and cracks where you suspect the infestation. Similarly, you should also remove the bedding and examine the bed for these signs.

You should also check the area around the bed for signs of infestation. For example, check under the bed, inside telephones and books, and under the carpet.

Once you notice any bed bugs or telltale signs of them, get rid of them at your earliest. There are several ways you can get rid of them, which we will discuss in this guide.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Your Apartment

If you notice bed bugs in your apartment, you must get rid of them as soon as possible. As established earlier, they can travel through the thinnest walls.

Hence, these creatures would enter different rooms, and it is possible for bed bugs to travel to other apartments.

Hence, before the situation worsens, follow methods of removing them from your apartment. Here are some ways you can get rid of bed bugs in your apartment:

Identify All Infested Areas

The first step to removing bed bugs from your apartment is identifying all infested areas. If you delay any further, they will reproduce, and the infestation will increase.

Catching large infested areas is much easier than small infestations. As mentioned, look for the aforementioned signs of infestation in all areas.

The best way to identify them is through a flashlight and magnifying glass. If you find any bed bugs, you can also catch them with a pair of tweezers and put them in a jar.

Do a Thorough Cleaning

The best way to get rid of bed bugs and keep them at bay is through good hygiene. This is why you should declutter your apartment and clean it thoroughly.

For example, the best way to do it is through a cleaning solution and a stiff brush. Use the two to clean the mattress and any other area where you find bed bugs.

Clean and Wash Everything

If you stayed at a hotel and then arrived at your apartment to find bed bugs, do your best to clean everything. From your suitcase to your clothes, everything should be thoroughly washed.

Make sure to put all of your clothes in the washer and scrub down suitcases. This will kill any bed bugs that may have traveled from the hotels.

Similarly, you should clean and wash your bedding. You should basically clean and wash any area where you found the bed bugs.

This is one of the most important things you should do. It is recommended to do this at your earliest. 

It is also recommended to wash them with hot water and dry them at the highest temperature. This will kill the bed bugs.

Regularly Aerate the Mattress

Another way to get rid of bed bugs is by aerating the mattress and cleaning it. This will remove any bed bugs that are living on the mattress. 

Do the same with pillows. You should also practice this and make this a habit to avoid a bed bug infestation in the future. 

Vacuum Your Apartment Daily

Once you have washed and cleaned the sheets, vacuum your apartment. Throw away the accumulated dust because chances are there might be some bed bugs in it.

Vacuuming will remove any bed bugs, especially those hiding in carpets or under the bed. You can remove bed bugs hiding in small spaces with the use of a vacuum.

Basically, run a vacuum in any of the bed bugs’ hiding spots. Similarly, you should vacuum your apartment daily to prevent a bed bug infestation. 

Repair Any Cracks in the Walls

As mentioned earlier, bed bugs travel to other apartments through the walls. They get access to the walls through electrical sockets, switches, and cracks.

Cracks and open spaces are the easiest way for them to travel. Hence, there’s a chance bed bugs came into your apartment through them.

Hence, once you have removed and cleaned all the bed bugs in your apartment, you should seal the cracks. Sealing these open areas will help prevent a future infestation.

Doing this will also remove any hiding spots for the bed bugs. Therefore, glue down peeling wallpaper and seal cracks.

Additionally, apply tape on any of the open electrical sockets. You should also move your bed a few inches away from the wall.

This way, they won’t be able to travel to your bed. 

How to Keep the Bed Bugs Out 

Once you have properly removed all the bed bugs from your apartments, you should practice preventative techniques. These will ensure the bed bugs stay out and won’t return to your apartment.

The best way to ensure they don’t return is through regular and thorough cleaning of your apartment. Hence, wash your sheets regularly and vacuum the apartment daily. 

Additionally, don’t leave any clutter because that makes it easy for them to hide. Get rid of any papers and items you don’t need.

Whenever you come home from a hotel, ensure that your clothes and items are not covered. This is especially necessary if you notice any bed bugs in the hotel. 

Final Words

Bed bugs are sneaky creatures that are known to be the quickest travelers. This is why they can easily travel through the thinnest apartment walls.

You should therefore ensure that you prevent their infestation and get rid of them at your earliest. Clean your apartment and sheets to get rid of bed bugs.

This will also prevent them from returning. Ensure good hygiene and a clean apartment, as the bed bugs would likely not return.  

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