What to Do if Apartment Smells Like Gas?

If you smell gas in your apartment, you must take it seriously.

The best thing to do is first to open all the windows and doors of your apartment.

After this, it is time to detect the source of the gas.

Sometimes, it is not even a gas leak; hence, you should take the necessary steps immediately.

This guide highlights everything you should do if your apartment smells like gas.

Apartment Smelling Like Gas

Natural gas is very common in households since it is used for cooking. It is also used for heating, cooling, water heaters, and so much more.

This is why a gas leak is often a common occurrence.

But it is extremely dangerous. A tiny spark can ignite this gas because it is flammable.

If not detected in time, this gas can potentially lead to property damage or worse. This is why the gas smell in an apartment should be taken very seriously.

How to Deal with Gas in an Apartment

If your apartment smells like gas, you should immediately check for the source.

You should not rest until you figure out the problem and solve it.

Call a Professional

The first thing you must do is call in a professional to check the apartment. It is better to be safe than sorry, so contact someone if you suspect a gas leak.

You should also notify the local gas company and fire department. Wait for assistance and for someone to check the leak for you.

Even if you smell gas outside your apartment or at your neighbors, you should still report it. The peace of mind is worth the cost of calling a professional in.

Open All Doors and Windows

Meanwhile, you must ensure that there is proper ventilation throughout the apartment. Therefore, you should open all the windows doors and switch off the ceiling fans.

A closed-off apartment can be extremely risky.

Not only does it increase the risk of sparks, but it can also make breathing dangerous and difficult.

This is mainly because ventilation reduces the risk of gas building up. Whether the gas is natural gas, propane, or carbon monoxide, buildup will be avoided this way.

You should definitely do this while waiting for professional assistance.

Avoid Sparks and Flames

You cannot see gas or smell it properly.

This is why one of the first things you should do is avoid any sparks or flames. The flames from the gas can engulf your house within seconds.

You can do this by avoiding lighting anything on fire, smoking materials, and other open flames.

This includes lighters, cigarettes, light switches, doorbells, rotary telephones, and more.

It is imperative that you immediately shut off all of these devices and avoid using them. They can trigger fire and explosions, which can be dangerous and life-threatening.

Shut Off the Gas

If it is safe to do so, you should shut off the gas from the primary supplying source. You can do this by closing the valve by turning it to the right.

This will limit the amount of gas in the house, hence considerably reducing the danger. It will also reduce the amount of gas reaching appliances.

You should do this, especially if you detect the leak of the gas coming from the valve.

You can also shut off the gas to identify and locate the leak.

For example, shut off the valves and wait a while. During this time, you should see if the smell of the gas has reduced.

If the smell has reduced, it was likely coming from the valves.

Evacuate the Apartment

The most reliable and best method of keeping you and your family safe is evacuating all of them from the apartment.

Even if you have detected the source and called the concerned professionals, you should not stay in the house.

This is especially true if the smell of the gas is strong and pungent.

An outbreak of flame or an explosion can happen within minutes, which is why you should evacuate immediately.

Don’t attempt to pinpoint the source and correct it by yourself.

Doing that can be pretty risky. You should evacuate the apartment and the area with a high level of caution.

Signs of a Gas Leak in Apartment

Gas leak normally occurs from the lines breaking or rupturing. This mainly occurs due to rust, improper maintenance, and deterioration.

Since gas is practically odorless and invisible, it can be challenging to detect a leak. If you suspect a leak, there are some signs you can look out for.

Here are some signs that can point toward a gas leak in your apartment:

Dying Plants

While you cannot see a gas leak, you can notice its consequences. The gas can seep into the soil and vegetation.

As a result, it can lead to dead or dying plants.

Hissing Sounds

There may be a gas leak in your apartment if a hissing sound is coming from the pipes.

This is a clear indication of a gas leak.

Pungent smell

Natural gas and propane tend to have a strong, pungent, and foul smell. This is mainly because of the addition of mercaptan.

The smell of gas can be quite similar to rotten eggs or sewerage.

If your apartment smells like this, it could be because of a gas leak.

White Mist or Fog

You may have a gas leak if you notice a white mist, fog, or cloud in your apartment. There could be a ruptured gas line if you can see these.

It is imperative that you open all windows and evacuate the area immediately. Call in a professional at this time.

Perform the Bubble Test

You can perform this test if you think there is a gas leak in your apartment. This works best if you believe a leak is coming from pressurized gas, for example, in a tire or propane tank.

Mix a small amount of dish soap with water.

Using a cloth apply it to the surface of the gas source. If bubbles form on it, you may be dealing with a gas leak.

What Causes a Gas Smell in an Apartment?

There could be a number of sources of gas that may be causing the smell in your apartment.

There are multiple sources of gas, which you should remember.

Here are the main reasons why you might be smelling gas in your apartment:

A neighbor with a Gas Problem

If you have checked all of the pipes and lines in your apartment, you could have a neighbor with a gas problem.

In this case, you must immediately notify the maintenance team at the building.


Most of the time, if you smell gas in your apartment, it could be from sulfur. This tends to have a similarly strong and pungent odor.

Thankfully, sulfur is not as dangerous as gas. It could arise from a sewerage system or your kitchen sinks.

The best way to deal with this is to add a solution of bleach and water into the sink and pipeline.

Ruptured Sewerage Line

As mentioned, sulfur smells are similar to gas.

They can arise from sewerage systems. Hence, there could be a ruptured sewerage line in your apartment that is causing the smell.

If one such line bursts around or under your house, the smell can find its way to your house. In this case, you should call the maintenance team and inspect the area.

Bacteria from Hot Water Heaters

If you smell gas when you turn on the water heater, it could also be sulfur. Hot water heaters can breed bacteria, leading to sulfur buildup.

They are dark and moist areas, which is ideal for harboring bacteria. Hence, when you switch it on, the smell could be coming from burned sulfur.

This could be causing a foul smell in your apartment rather than a gas leak.

You Might Not Have Checked Everything

The truth is that it is nearly impossible to detect a gas leak without proper equipment.

If you don’t have meters and other instruments, you cannot find the gas leak source.

Final Words

Smelling gas in your apartment can be potentially dangerous. It could point toward a severe problem that requires your attention.

Therefore, you should take this smell very seriously.

If you have checked everything and still have not found the source of the leak, don’t give up. It is best if you call in a professional and have them properly check it.

It might seem fine to let it be and relax, but calling someone in to check it would be worthwhile. It will give you peace of mind.

You should never smell gas in your apartment. If you are then, it could be potentially dangerous. This is why you should immediately take the necessary measures.

Call the concerned professionals immediately and open all the windows. Switch on the fans to ensure enough ventilation.

After this, evacuate the apartment and building and wait for professionals. It is important that you call a professional if you smell gas in your apartment.

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