Why Is My Apartment So Cold? 

If your apartment is constantly cold during the winter, you may have a leak. Despite turning up the thermostat, the problem may persist.

The reason is that the warm air may be leaving the apartment while cold air enters. However, there could also be other reasons.

Let’s look at possible reasons why your apartment is so cold and how to fix it. 

Possible Reasons Why Apartment Is So Cold

If your apartment is cold, you don’t need to shell out thousands of dollars for a heating solution. If it is getting unusually cold, there may be a fault somewhere. 

Some of these issues may require fixing, while others can be handled with some tips. Let’s diagnose possible reasons why it may be freezing in your apartment:

The Windows

The most common reason apartments can get too cold is faulty windows. This is especially true in old apartment buildings.

Over time, the materials in the building can get too old, worn out, and faulty. As a result, the effectiveness of windows at keeping air out is decreased.

There may be caulking around the windows, which might be letting cold air in. To check your windows, observe the caulking.

This could be the culprit if you stand close to the window and feel a cold draft. 

The Walls

Cold air may be coming from the outside and traveling through the walls. This is particularly the case when there are pipelines running through a building.

You should check the walls by touching them. If they are unusually cold to the touch, they could be the reason why your apartment is so cold.

In such a case, you will likely need to contact the landlord and have them fix this issue. However, this is only the case with the interior wall of the apartment.

Your Radiator and Heater 

Another reason your apartment is cold is that your heater or radiator is malfunctioning. You should check each one in your place by touching their surface.

If it is not warm, then they are not working properly. In such a case, you should let your landlord know. 

This is if your contract says it is their duty to fix heaters.

Issues with the Thermostat

There might be a chance that your thermostat is malfunctioning or broken. Hence, whenever you turn it up, it may not show the right temperature. 

This could lead to your heating system working for too long and increasing costs. You should get this checked by a professional. 

How to Warm Up Your Apartment 

If you have checked the above-mentioned factors and had them fixed, it still might be cold. This could simply be due to the weather.

Luckily, there are tons of ways you can warm up your apartment. Here are some tips you can follow. These techniques will keep your space toasty and warm during cold winter nights.

Rearrange the Furniture

Even if your heater or radiator works perfectly, your apartment might still be cold. This could be because the furniture may be blocking them.

In such a case, you should consider rearranging the furniture to allow for airflow. You should have at least six inches of distance between the heater and the furniture.

Insulate the Windows

Windows can be a major culprit behind apartments being cold. There is no permanent fix for it either.

Moreover, some old buildings don’t have natural insulation like modern ones. This results in warm air from the heater escaping and the cold air entering. 

This is why you should insulate the windows with the help of a removable film. Additionally, you can also try weather-sealing tapes.

It is perfect for sealing any cracks in the windows that might be decreasing the temperature. However, be mindful when applying them on painted windows.

The tape will take the paint right off when you remove it. 

Let Natural Light In

You should maximize natural light in your apartment during the day. The light acts as a natural heater and will instantly warm up the temperature.

The heat source from sunlight is a free resource that also enhances our health. Hence, you should definitely pull up the blinds and open the curtains to your windows.

Staying in the sun will be good for you and make you feel good. It’s an easy tip to try.

Invest In Rugs

Bare floors can be a reason why your apartment is too cold. Walking barefoot will instantly make you cold as well. 

Your apartment needs to be insulated during the wintertime. Hence, you should consider covering it with thick rugs. 

They will elevate the look of your place and keep you warm. You could also layer multiple rugs as that would increase the heat. 

You should do this on any hard flooring, especially tiles. This is a simple technique to increase warmth.

Cover the Front Door

Cold air and draft may be entering from the small space under your front door. Not only that, but it may even be sucking the warm air out.

Hence, you should cover that area with a warm cloth or towel. You could also get a door draft stopper that you can place there. 

These are long and thick pillows that you can buy online. This will not only reduce the cold air in the house but also provide protection. 

This is because it prevents rodents, dust, or insects from entering. 

Cook in Your Home Often

When it gets too cold, consider cooking in your apartment. This will naturally warm up the entire space a degree or two.

After using the oven, you should also leave it open for a little while. The warm air from the oven will escape and disperse throughout the apartment.

When you combine this with other tips, you will instantly warm up your apartment. The more often you cook, the warmer your apartment will be.

Get a Space Heater

Get a space heater when it gets too cold, and all else fails. This will definitely not let you down and will keep you warm in your apartment.

The good thing about a space heater is that it can be placed anywhere. You can take it from one room to another. 

However, make sure that it is at a safe distance from anything flammable. You should also only use the heater when you are awake and in the house.

You don’t necessarily need a big space heater in an apartment. Even a small one would work perfectly fine. 

Invest In Thermal Curtains

Another investment you can make is in thermal or insulated curtains. They are made from thick materials that prevent any cold air from entering the windows.

However, they will also prevent any light from coming in as well. This is why these insulated curtains are also called ‘blackout curtains.’

Wear Warm Clothes

When inside your apartment, you should wear warm clothes. In particular, you should keep your feet and head covered. 

When you keep these areas warm, the rest of your body will stay warm too. Hence, get warm house slippers and a beanie or hoodie.

Get Warm Blankets

When nothing else works, you can get in a thick and warm blanket. This is the best way to warm up and stay cozy in a freezing apartment.

Fleece, wool, and flannel blankets are the best choice since they are the warmest. 

Get Weather-stripping Done 

As mentioned, the most common culprit for an apartment’s coldness is the draft from windows. This can be treated through weather-stripping.

You can also do this with doors. However, it should be noted that you will have to remove windows and doors to do it.

Hence, consider weather-stripping when it is warm. Depending on the size of the gap you have to fill, you can choose different materials for weather-stripping.

One tip to remember is to wipe the surfaces clean before weather-stripping. This will ensure that the materials adhere to the surface.

Turn Your Fan on Reverse 

When you have a space heater on, you should turn your fan on reverse. This will distribute the warm area throughout the apartment.

It will also keep the place warm and toasty long after the heater has been switched off. Therefore, consider changing the fan motor, so it spins the other way. 

Final Words

To sum up, there are several reasons why your apartment could be unusually cold. There could be a draft entering from the windows and front door.

This could also be the reason why despite turning up the heat, the apartment stays cold. Moreover, it could also be due to poor insulation of the house. 

Lastly, the apartment could be cold because your heater is malfunctioning or broken. Sometimes, it could also just be because it’s freezing outside.

Whatever the reason may be, luckily, there are tons of ways to warm up the apartment. When you combine all of these tips together, you can instantly turn up the temperature. 

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