10 Easy Ways to Store Bike in Apartment

Bikes provide a terrific way for the user to work out. Enjoying morning rides around the town while burning calories is a sweet deal.

However, as you come closer to your apartment on your way back, a realization dawns: where to “fit” my bike?

This dilemma is a source of frustration for many people as their apartments lack the space needed to store the bike. 

Space limitations shouldn’t influence your decision to purchase a bike. Why opt against getting a bike when there are multiple bike storage solutions available at your disposal?

For your convenience, we are listing some of the best ways to store a bike in an apartment.

These methods don’t only resolve your worries but also boost your apartment’s aesthetic appeal.

Mount the Bike on a Wall

Utilizing wall space is a pretty useful strategy to store a bike in an apartment. By mounting your bike on the wall, you can prevent yourself from bumping into it.

So, which wall to use? Well, there’s no hard and fast rule.

You can mount your bike in the study room, above your PC.

Cycle Mounted on the Wall in an Apartment

Similarly, you can hang the bike in the living room or even in the bedroom. Try to find a designated space where you can hang it between your decorative wall pieces and family photos. 

Over the past few years, mounting the bike on the wall has become more of a trend. Because of this rising trend, there are a number of ways to hang the bike.

If you are on a tight budget, then the most affordable one involves using screw-in wall hooks. This way, you use individual hooks for gripping the bike wheel. 

With bike hooks, you can mount a bike both horizontally or vertically. If you have extra wall space, then you can even place it perpendicular or parallel to the wall. 

According to bike experts, mounting a bike from a single wheel is detrimental because the uneven weight distribution exerts pressure on the wheel.

Hence, it is recommended to hang your bike by means of both wheels.

Hoist The Bike High on Ceiling

If your apartment has insufficient wall and floor space, then it makes sense to use your ceiling to store the bike.

Since the ceiling is unused due to its height, this is a pretty good way to make the most out of it.  Moreover, you can also keep the bike out of the way.

Individuals with higher ceilings are likely to prefer this method. On the other hand, a lower ceiling means that you need to figure out the hoist’s position. 

Ideally, the best place is an area with zero traffic. You can either mount your bike vertically or flat against the ceiling.

In either case, you will need a hoist, hangers, as well as hooks. More comfort can be achieved by installing a pulley system; it facilitates lowering and lifting the bike – a functionality used frequently by bike enthusiasts. 

The installation of hoists is more complex than hangers and hooks. It is essential to pick a hoist, hanger, or hook that has an adequate weight capacity to prevent accidents. 

Wall Shelves

Shelf mounts work similar to wall hangers and brackets, but their key benefit lies in their aesthetics.

From ultra-modern to minimalist designs, there are endless opportunities to blend them with your home décor. 

Wall shelves also score high in terms of durability. Heavy-duty materials are used in the making of wall shelves; thus, they provide ample support to secure the bike. 

In most cases, you will also find additional storage space in wall shelves for storing biking gear, keys, helmet, and other biking accessories. 

Bike Rack/Stand 

If you live in your apartment, it is always easy to drill holes and install or fix hardware.

However, for rented properties, you must seek your landlord’s approval to perform any structural change. In this scenario, a bike stand is your best bet.

You don’t have to go through any drilling or fixing screws, as a bike rack eliminates this need. These are standalone units that can be put on the floor. 

When it comes to bike racks, you can pick from an extensive range of collections. Their design allows bikers to accommodate more than one bike.

Therefore, if you are biking with your partner or roommate, then it can address the storage dilemma for you both.

Not far behind is the foldable bike rack designs; their practical design has made them popular amongst enthusiasts.

When they are not in use, you can easily collapse and store them. Hence, you can take it anywhere with you.

Although freestanding racks don’t have the best aesthetics among the other bike storage solutions, they are quite useful for producing a clutter-free space. 

Camouflage the Bike with Furniture

When bike racks, ceiling, or the walls are out of the question, you can rely on your furniture for bike storage. Bookcases and large display units are preferred for this sole purpose.

It’s likely that you will have to remove an upper or middle shelf to create enough space to accommodate your bike.

It depends based on your positioning, whether you want to store it horizontally or vertically. 

An independent shelving unit can also resolve your worries. But, see to it that it is wide enough to support your bike.

These units take off your bike off the ground. Besides, it doesn’t require you to install a wall mount. 

Slide the Bike Behind Furniture

Are you uncomfortable with making structural changes? Do you lacking the cash to purchase bike racks and wall mounts?

If that’s the case, then you can opt for some free alternatives to store your bike. Just hide it behind your larger furniture pieces, such as the bookshelf, the dress, or the high-backed couch,

This is the least-demanding and simplest of the bike storage solutions. But, make sure that there is sufficient clearance space between the wall and the furniture unit. 

Hang the Bike Under the Stairs

The staircase’s underside is usually kept for storage in a multi-level apartment. If you live in one, then you can expand your space by storing your bike there.

It is better to put it there than leave it vulnerable and exposed outside. One strategy to adopt is to slide your bike under the staircase.

Another method is to use heavy-duty hooks to hang your bike to the staircase’s underside. See to it that the underside is reliable enough to provide support to the bike holders.

Stash the Bike in Your Coat Closet

If you are uncomfortable with your bike dangling from the ceiling or hanging on the wall, then store it in a place where it won’t be visible .i.e. your coat closet.

However, this method only works for those who have a designated closet for keeping coats. These closets happen to be near the entrance door. Thus, it is an easy way to access your bike.

Storing your bike with a coat closet may need you to make some extra effort. Clear additional space for your bike by hanging shorter sweaters and coats.

If you have longer coats, move it to your main wardrobe. 

Use Your Patio or Balcony

Do you have an attached balcony? In this case, you can store your bike by making the most of this extra space.

Although it requires moving outdoors to some extent, it is worth having a look at this option. 

Use hangers and hooks to secure your bike to a wall, use a bike rack, or place your bike against the railings.

The only drawback of this bike storage method is that your bike can be affected by external factors.

Bad weather can inflict damage, while there is also an increased risk of theft. These issues can be addressed by introducing two solutions: a bike cover and a bike lock. 

Mount Your Bike on a Door

Do you lack free space on the floor? Is your coat closet already full? Is it unfeasible to use your ceiling? Fortunately, you have one more option: mount the bike on your door’s back. 

To apply this storage method, you will need a vertical mount. It sets the bike against the door. Ideally, use a door that is rarely opened.

The weight of the door and the bike’s own weight makes it harder to use the door.

Final Thoughts

Bike storage in a small apartment might appear tricky at first, but with the options listed above, you can deal with it easily.

Storing your bike indoors will protect it from external factors, such as environmental elements.

Therefore, assess the best option that works for you and make the right storage decision. 

If you have any queries about storing the bike, send a message our way. 

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