Should You Tip Apartment Maintenance

If you just moved to an apartment, you might be wondering if you should tip the apartment maintenance. It is a valid concern, and we will help you figure out the answer. 

Let us explore when it’s a good idea to give a tip and how much is considered a reasonable amount.

Should You Tip Apartment Maintenance?

The public is quite divided over this predicament. Some people think you must tip apartment maintenance, while others believe there is no need to pay. 

However, if you are conflicted, you can give a tip occasionally. Remember, it is a kind gesture to give a tip during the seasonal holidays like Christmas or Thanksgiving. 

The reason some people believe in not tipping apartment maintenance is that the workers are hired by the complex and receive regular salaries or wages from them. 

That said, since they are providing you with service, you can give them a tip under certain circumstances. The following are some occasions you can tip the apartment maintenance.

A Job Well Done

There are times when you come across individuals in the service industry who understand the work very well. They will explain what went wrong and will do their work efficiently. 

They will also tell you how to make sure you don’t go through the same hurdle again. Above all, they will clean up after themselves. 

Such qualities are hard to come across, and when you do find such a person, it is an excellent idea to appreciate their work through your generosity. 

Tip them nicely to encourage and thank them for a job well done. 

A Particularly Complex Job

Some jobs are quick and easy, while others can be quite challenging. There will be times when the worker has to spend long hours at your place and deal with a particularly complex problem.

In such cases, you can give them a tip to make it worthwhile for them. 

Similarly, some can get quite messy. For instance, fixing a light bulb differs from fixing a clogged toilet because things may take a nasty turn. 

Even though it is a part of their job, it’s still not easy to be in that situation. Hence, tipping is a thoughtful way to help them. 

When Service Worker Goes Out of the Way

Some service workers might be very helpful and will even go out of their way for you. Only some service workers are generous enough to go above and beyond. 

If your service worker is among the rare few people who are considerate, pay them back for their effort. 

It is a good gesture to return the kindness and appreciate the service workers for the extra mile they go, which is not a part of their job.

Holiday Seasons

Seasonal holidays are a time to rejoice in the festivities. Most people tip their apartment maintenance during the holidays, which is considered a nice gesture. 

However, you don’t necessarily have to tip them. Some people also like to give them gifts or cooked goods as per preference. 

Still, a tip is a much better way to share happiness with service workers since they can use it however they want to. 

To Build a Strong Relationship 

Handy jobs around your home often need your attention, and it is always a good idea to stay in your service worker’s good books. 

If you want them to address your problem quickly and effectively, you can tip them regularly, so they know the job will always be fruitful. 

You need not give a big tip. Even a small tip goes a long way. Remember, you aren’t paying for the job. You are simply thanking them and building a relationship.

Late or Odd Times for House Calls

Surprise repairs are a part of life. Sometimes we need the service worker in the early hours of the morning or late at night. 

In order to serve you, service workers may sometimes have to help you at such odd times. The service worker can say no, but they take the time out to work on your repairs. 

It would be quite nice to tip them as a thank you. Maintenance staff also have working hours. If they willingly help you in an emergency, your appreciation can go a long way.   

Who Should You Tip?

Now comes the next question, who should you be tipping? Well, any person who comes to your door to offer a service can be tipped. The following are some service workers you may consider:

Maintenance Staff

Handypersons are your savior in many situations. Whether it is a leaky faucet or a bad bulb, they are present for you in your time of need. 

Although they get paid wages by the complex, you can tip them as a kind gesture. You do not need to tip them on every visit.

However, you can tip them in certain conditions, as mentioned above. This is a great way to help them financially since maintenance workers have small salaries. 

Tips can be a big help to people in the service industry. Many use them as savings to achieve their dreams. 

The Door Attendant

Your door attendant may not be from maintenance, but they are a part of the complex staff. Also, you interact with them daily in the morning or whenever you come and go from the building.

Their job isn’t just opening doors. In fact, they are also responsible for many other tasks like screening visitors, operating elevators, and also accepting deliveries. 

You can tip from time to time at your convenience as a gesture. However, do not feel obliged to tip them daily since they also get paid by the complex. 

You can tip them when they receive your parcels and keep them safe or when they spend holidays away from home. 

How Much to Tip?

The last thing to address is the amount you can tip the apartment maintenance. Tips vary from $10 to $100, depending on certain factors. 

The following are some of the factors that you must consider before tipping the maintenance staff:

Your Location

Where you live is a significant factor to consider when tipping. If you live in a state or city where the cost of living is low, you can get away with $10 to $20 worth of a tip. 

However, if you reside in an area where daily expenses are costly, you can give a big tip. That said, if you give heavy tips, you need not do it regularly.

You can occasionally tip since you wouldn’t want the staff to expect a big tip every time. Also, it is simply a gesture and not payment for their work. Your tip should reflect that. 

Your Financial Position

If you are living in a posh apartment and giving a $5 tip, it just looks cheap and reflects poorly on you. It may not be your duty to tip, but if you appreciate someone, do it wholeheartedly. 

This would be the opposite for a person who is not as financially strong. If you think you cannot afford to tip, then don’t. There is no need to try and be a hero if your financial situation doesn’t allow you.

The whole point of the gesture is to say thanks or appreciate them for a job well done. When you cannot give a tip, simply thank them and let their superior know how helpful they have been. 

Quality of Service

One of the most crucial factors that will affect your tip is the quality of service. Suppose you called the maintenance person at an odd time to unclog a drain, and they ended up worsening the situation.

Would you be willing to tip them for a lousy job, or would you consider it for helping at an odd time? Moreover, sometimes you will have to call the service person for repair every few days because they aren’t doing their work well and your problem isn’t fixed.

In such situations, you must consider the quality of service you are receiving. It may not happen every time, but it is likely to happen if the service worker isn’t very good at their job.

Some complex management hire this staff just as a requirement and never bother to see if they work efficiently. 

In such a case, you do not need to feel guilty about not tipping because the service worker isn’t performing their job well.

The Bottom Line

Apartment maintenance is paid for their work by the complex. There is a difference of opinion because of this very reason.

At the end of the day, you decide whether or not to tip the apartment maintenance. You can consider tipping them if you like appreciating the work service workers do.

Typically, people tip the maintenance staff during holidays. However, if you call the worker at an odd time or call them for a complex job, a tip can go a long way.

That said, there is no harm if you do not want to give a tip in case the service worker did a poor job.

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