Is An Apartment Balcony Worth It?

The apartment search process includes looking at several possibilities and assessing every location’s benefits and drawbacks. 

However, it also involves comparing the various facilities offered at each location. Apartments with balconies appear slightly more expensive than those without balconies, like for like.

Therefore, the question arises: Does it matter? Do balconies make sense? Is a balcony really necessary?

Like everything else, it all depends on your preferences. 

That said, here are a few pros and cons of having an apartment balcony. These will help you decide whether you need one or would be better off without it.

Pros of an Apartment Balcony

Here are a few benefits of renting an apartment with a balcony:

It Can Be Used for Storage

You can store your belongings on your balcony, especially larger items that won’t fit inside your flat. If you have a bicycle, for instance, a balcony is a nice spot to store it when not in use. 

However, you can access a separate bike storage space if you rent an apartment through a Build to Rent program.

It is a Great Space for Your Pets

If you don’t take your pets for a walk at least once daily, they may feel pent up. This is especially true if you want to live in an apartment with a dog

An apartment balcony is a terrific place for them to unwind without leaving the apartment.

It Can Be Used for Sunbathing

Even if necessary, spending a lot of time indoors might harm your health. However, having a balcony provides a simple solution to this. 

When it’s not too hot, you can put up some chairs and try sunbathing during the day. You can also take advantage of this to get your daily dose of vitamin D. 

When exposed to sunshine, the body produces this crucial vitamin. 

It helps your body absorb calcium, boosts bone density, and ensures that your immune system is functioning correctly, among other advantages.

It Helps You Check Weather Conditions

You can quickly assess the weather before going outdoors if you have a balcony. Of course, most people use their phones or watch the weather channel to check the weather prediction for the day. 

But that isn’t always reliable. You can walk out onto the balcony to assess the weather if you are unsure whether to wrap up or take your raincoat. 

It’s a Great Place for Plants

Renting a balcony apartment might provide a place to indulge your passion for gardening. Depending on the size of the balcony, you might put potted plants here and make a mini-garden. 

Additionally, your balcony’s visual appeal will improve as a result. Of course, before doing this, you might need to ask your landlord for permission. 

If they give the go-ahead, nothing will stop you from having the garden of your dreams!

It’s a Great Place to Socialize with Friends and Guests

Your balcony is ideal for socializing with friends if you’ve invited them over, while taking in the cool breeze and a beautiful view of the city. 

In fact, it’s a terrific spot to go for a quiet talk if you are having a big gathering of people.

It’s a Perfect Place to Spend Some Time Outside

You can utilize the balcony to create a personalized “chill zone” and relax there after a long day, especially if you work long hours and find it difficult to leave your apartment. 

All you need to do to get started is put up a few seats and a small table. You can also occasionally watch the dawn and sunset if the weather is very nice.

Cons of an Apartment Balcony

Here are a few disadvantages of having an apartment balcony:


An apartment balcony can be dangerous. This is especially the case if you have children. However, you can make your balcony safer by installing rail guards. 


Some situations prevent you from using balconies as you choose. Some apartment buildings don’t allow glazing balconies, closing them, or using them for cooking or air-drying clothes. 

To prevent the building’s front from becoming unappealing, there are several guidelines for occupants to follow. You can contact your building manager to know what’s allowed.

More Space to Clean

Having an apartment balcony usually means more space. But the more space you have, the more cleaning you will have to do. Of course, most apartment owners don’t consider this an issue.

However, an apartment balcony can be a downside for those who hate cleaning their living space daily. 

A Few Ways to Decorate Your Apartment Balcony

Here are a few amazing decoration suggestions to help you fall in love with your apartment balcony and make the most of this space:

Place Some Outdoor Folding Chairs

Outdoor foldable chairs are a terrific way to expand the usable space on your balcony without being constrained by a specific style. 

That said, having big, heavy chairs outside on your balcony would undoubtedly make the area appear smaller and more crowded.

On the other hand, outdoor folding chairs can be closed when you don’t need them and opened when you do, preventing the feeling of a crowded balcony. 

So, choose an outdoor folding chair with a design you love and will enjoy using for many years.

Add Some Wall Décor

One of the fundamental elements of an excellent balcony design has always been wall decor, and it is now much more important. 

Anything you hang on your balcony walls, from wall art to scones to mirrors to clocks, will immediately add charm, character, and individuality. 

It will turn the area into another living room instead of a functional place to store things. However, the idea is to avoid overcrowding your balcony walls. 

After all, this might make it feel cramped and claustrophobic.

Place a Few Camp Tables

Setting up a regular table may significantly reduce the usable space on an apartment balcony, making it feel cramped for space. 

However, many apartment owners with balconies now use folding tables instead of traditional ones. These can be assembled and disassembled in a matter of seconds.

You can entertain visitors or sit outside anytime you need to with a camp table. Ultimately, choose a camp table that suits your preferences because they come in various styles.

Install Smart Lighting

Since a few years ago, smart lighting has become all the rage in balcony design ideas. This trend will undoubtedly last far into 2022. 

One of the largest improvements you can make to your balcony is the addition of color-changing light strips. 

You can create the ideal environment every time you go outside, thanks to the ability to alter the color of your balcony. Such a feature makes it seem like it reflects your personality and mood.

The best part is that the majority of LED light strips available today can be connected to a virtual assistant like Alexa from Amazon, Siri from Apple, or Google Assistant.

So, you can easily change the color of your balcony lights by just using your voice or an app on your phone, computer, or tablet.

Install Privacy Panels 

The fact that most balconies don’t provide much privacy has been a catastrophic architectural error for decades. 

It might be challenging to feel at ease because people in nearby buildings and on adjoining balconies can frequently observe everything happening on your balcony. 

Thankfully, balcony privacy screens are the answer to your privacy woes when you’re living in an apartment with a balcony.

These privacy screens allow you to take in the view without being observed by others. There are many options available on the market, 

So, choose one that will fit well with the overall aesthetic of your balcony. If in doubt, neutral colors like white, black, and wood are always a wonderful choice.

Install Removable Flooring

Some landlords don’t object if you decorate the balconies of your apartments, especially if it increases the value of their building.

But keep in mind that if you spend money on pricey tiles for the balcony, you won’t get a return on your investment.

Therefore, it’s recommended to stay with detachable flooring if you are renting, such as composite decking that is simple to unclasp. 

After that, you can either bring it to your subsequent rental or sell it to recoup your costs. So, when your landlord sells, you won’t lose any money.

Go with Custom Furniture

Investing in custom-built furniture is another fantastic approach to maximizing the space on a small balcony. 

For instance, compared to a standard table, installing a bench or corner seating area that fits properly saves much more space.

If constructed properly, it may even serve as additional storage. For instance, the chairs can be hinged up so you can store cushions or gardening equipment inside.

Remember that purchasing built-in furniture may not be financially advantageous if you rent, especially if your landlord requires you to remove it before moving out.

Since adding the built-in design might be considered property damage or unauthorized decoration, it might also be a lease violation. So, choose wisely!

Why Direction Matters for Apartment Balconies

A balcony may have a south, north, east, or west-facing side. Your apartment and quality of life may be significantly impacted by the direction your balcony faces. 

North-Facing Apartment Balcony

You won’t utilize north-facing balconies much for sunbathing because they don’t receive a lot of sunshine. On the bright side, they provide some relief in the summer and keep cool on hot days.

Any furniture you place on the balcony should be constructed of high-quality wood. Furthermore, dew that gathers on the furniture over the night won’t dry up quickly due to the lack of sunlight exposure. 

Such a thing might harm the wood or promote the formation of mold. However, this can typically be avoided with routine upkeep and cleaning.

Regarding gardening, we advise you to buy plants that don’t need a lot of sunshine to flourish.

West or East-Facing Apartment Balcony

Balconies that face east are illuminated in the morning. You may have a peaceful breakfast on the balcony while seeing the lovely dawn to start your day. 

If you want to create a little garden on the balcony, we advise selecting half-shade plants because they will be shaded during the day.

Balconies that face west are the opposite. An apartment with a west-facing balcony will work well for you if you stay home in the afternoons because they get sunshine later in the day. 

Again, for such balconies, it is best to pick plants that can withstand extreme temperatures.

South-Facing Apartment Balcony

Balconies that face south receive a lot of sunshine throughout the day and are the ideal place to escape when the sun is out in the winter.

However, your balcony will become very heated in the summer. So, before venturing onto the balcony throughout the day, ensure you take measures like applying high-SPF sunscreen.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, we’ve given you a thorough summary of the pros and cons of having an apartment balcony. This will help you decide and choose an apartment that fits your requirements.

Ultimately, the pros outweigh the cons. So, the answer to the question “is an apartment balcony worth it” is a resounding yes!

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