How to Cool an Apartment with One Air Conditioner (AC)

With global warming heating up the planet, having an air-conditioned apartment can be a welcome respite.

But if your budget is limited, it can be challenging to install multiple AC units.

You may be surprised that a single air conditioning unit can cool your entire apartment. We have some tricks to help cool your apartment down with just one AC unit.

12 Tips and Tricks You Need to Cool Your Apartment with One AC Unit

It can be hard to cool your apartment using only one AC unit. This is especially true if you live in a large space.

So, to get the best results from a single cooling system, you must do a few things.

Here are 12 ways to do to cool your apartment with one AC:

1. Invest in a Smart AC

If you want to cool your apartment without using multiple ACs, then you should buy a smart AC. Smart ACs are more energy efficient than regular ones.

This means they will use less electricity and help you save on your bills. In addition, smart ACs have multiple features that help keep your house cool.

For example, some smart ACs can automatically adjust the temperature according to the weather outside.

Some smart ACs also have sensors that detect when someone enters or leaves a room.

You can also control these devices through an app on your smartphone or tablet. Doing so will make things even more accessible.

2. Keep the AC in the Living Room

If you want to cool your apartment with one AC, place it in the center of your home.

This is because you cannot change the temperature of individual rooms unless you have multiple units.

There are other benefits to placing your AC in the living room.

First, it will help keep temperatures consistent throughout your home.

Second, if you have a small apartment or house, this may be the only way to cool the entire space.

3. Get Rid of the Junk in Your Living Room

Before cooling your apartment with one AC, ensure the living room is clutter-free.

Any furniture that is not necessary should be removed. If possible, this could include rugs and carpets as well.

This is because these items will reduce airflow in your living room. Without obstructions, cool air rises and cools faster.

So if you have a bunch of stuff lying around, start throwing it away!

4. Put a Fan near Your AC Unit

The best way to cool down your apartment with one AC is by using a fan. Start by putting a fan near your AC unit.

This will suck the cool air from the AC unit into another room.

As a result, the cool air will circulate throughout the apartment. This is an effective and affordable way to keep your apartment cool all day.

You will also save money on electricity bills by not using the AC unit as much. With a bit of air movement from the fan, you will feel like you are running multiple AC units.

5. Close the Windows and Blinds

Ensure that all windows and blinds are closed when the AC is on.

This will ensure that cool air circulates throughout your apartment and doesn’t leak out..

This will also block hot air from getting in. It’s vital that you don’t let any light from outside come through these openings, either. This will cause glare which can be uncomfortable.

6. Add Film to Your Windows

Window tinting is another way to keep your apartment cool without letting heat enter the apartment. Window tinting blocks out heat and keeps your home cooler than it would be otherwise.

You can choose to go with a darker shade or one with reflective qualities. The darker shades will block out more light while also keeping heat outside.

However, the darker shades may not be suitable for all rooms in your apartment building. This is because they make it difficult for people to see inside.

Therefore, if you live in an area where window tinting isn’t allowed by law, don’t do it. There are plenty of other ways to keep your apartment cool without breaking the law!

7. Seal Air Leaks Around Your Doors

A good way to keep your apartment cool without using multiple ACs is to seal air leaks. These air leaks can be around your doors and windows.

Air leaks can be hard to detect because they can manifest anywhere in your home. However, if you pay attention closely, you will be able to find them eventually.

Air leaks occur in two ways in an apartment: through cracks and doors and windows.

The first thing you should do is check all doors and windows for cracks or holes. Check the sides, top, and bottom of the door and windows.

You should also check the frame of each door or window for any cracks or holes. Those frames may need filling or repairing with caulk or putty.

In addition, make sure all doors are closed tightly at night to prevent cold air from escaping.

8. Insulate Your Walls

Insulating your walls helps to keep your apartment cool in the summer with one AC. Use foam board insulation.

Foam board insulation comes in many different shapes and sizes. You can buy it at any home improvement store or hardware store.

The foam board insulation should be inserted between the studs of your wall before you drywall them. This will help reduce heat gain during summer, which will otherwise increase the indoor temperature.

The foam board insulation should be about six inches thick for best results. The more you have, the better!

In addition, you can also add a layer of fiberglass insulation over the top of the foam board insulation. This will get you even better results while sticking to one AC at a time.

9. Close Doors to Unused Rooms

When you are at home, be sure to close the doors to any room that is not being used. This way, cold air does not leak into unused rooms and cools them down.

The best way to do this is by using a door stopper or wedge. These door stoppers can be found at any hardware store. They usually come in different sizes depending on your door frames.

You should always use these door stoppers or wedges when exiting a room to close off unused rooms in your apartment.

Also, you may have an unused guest room or a children’s playroom that is not regularly used. It would be a good idea to close those doors when they are not in use.

If you are not careful, your AC will be insufficient. Therefore, make sure that the doors of unused rooms are correctly closed.

10. Use Your Stove Less Often

If you are cooking in your apartment, it is vital that you use your stove less often. This will prevent hot air from accumulating.

You can try cooking with an electric skillet or a slow cooker. These appliances both require less electricity than a regular stove, and they generate less heat as well.

11. Place Ice Packs in Every Room

The most important thing you should do is place ice packs in every room. These ice packs will help cool down the air inside your home, maximizing the effect of the AC.

As a result, they will make the apartment more comfortable for you to live in.

You can use any ice pack, like gel packs or frozen water bottles. However, the best kind to use is reusable ones.

Reusable ice packs are better because they you don’t need to discard them after use. The good thing is that they aren’t as expensive as other types of ice packs.

They also have a long shelf life. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about them getting damaged before you need them again.

12. Swap out the Lampshades

The next thing you can do to cool your apartment with one AC is to swap out the lampshades. Lampshades are made from fabric, and they trap heat inside your lamp.

This makes it harder for your room to stay cool. If you have an old lamp that has broken or worn-out lampshades, then it is time for an upgrade.

Also, do not leave any lights on when you are not using them, as this causes extra heat buildup in the room.  The AC will have to work overtime to cool down the space and can break down fast.

Give a Shot

In the end, you can do many different things to cool your home. Hopefully, you have found something here that can work for you. Be sure to try out these tips!

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