How to Use a CPN (Credit Privacy Number) to Get an Apartment?

When looking for an apartment, keep in mind that the landlord will run a check on your credit history to ensure that you’ve got no pending debt and that it’s safe to rent their apartment to you.

This means that if you’ve got a bad credit history, finding an apartment can be difficult.

However, getting an apartment using a CPN (Credit Privacy Number) is possible, even if you’ve got bad credit.

If you don’t know how to use a CPN to get an apartment, this blog post will help you understand.

What Is CPN (Credit Privacy Number)?

CPN, or Credit Privacy Number, is a 9-digit code, much like your Social Security Number (SSN). Unlike SSN, CPN isn’t issued by the state.

Instead, CPN is sold to consumers with bad credit that keeps them from getting an apartment or securing loans.

Using a CPN, you can hide the data under your SSN. When you provide a CPN on credit or finance documents, and someone uses it to check your credit history, your bad credit won’t show.

Since a CPN resembles an SSN, the receiver of the document wouldn’t know that the number you’ve provided on the documents isn’t the SSN.

But remember that using CPN to secure house or car loans isn’t considered legal. Using CPN to secure loans you cannot get due to bad credit can land you in legal trouble.

However, there are some instances where you can use a CPN to mask your actual identity (or bad credit history), like when getting an apartment.

Is It Legal To Use CPN To Get An Apartment?

While it’s clearly illegal to use CPN to secure loans, it’s not illegal to use a CPN to get an apartment.

You can purchase a CPN if you’re having trouble finding an apartment due to bad credit.

But beware of scammers. Find reliable and trusted companies when purchasing a CPN because the market is full of people ready to exploit your situation.

How To Use CPN To Get An Apartment?

Now that you know you won’t land into trouble for using a CPN to get an apartment, you might be interested to know how to use CPN to get an apartment.

We’ve put together a quick guide to help you get your dream apartment using CPN.

Contact The Landlord Of The Apartment You Want

Not all landlords are willing to accept CPNs. If you like an apartment, contact the landlord or the property manager responsible for the property and ask if they accept CPNs.

Some landlords of property managers only accept CPNs if you have got an established credit history on the CPN. 

If you just got a CPN and it shows a blank credit history, the chances that it’ll be accepted are slim.

If you think you can use a CPN in place of the SSN without letting the landlord or property manager know, know that it’s illegal to use CPN deceptively.

If the landlord doesn’t have a problem with you using the CPN, you can then move ahead to the next step.

Complete The Apartment Application

You’ve got to fill out an apartment application form before you can move on to signing a rental agreement.

You’ll need to fill out the apartment application form just like you would do when using SSN. The only difference here will be that you’ll provide your CPN instead of SSN.

But make sure you’re informing the landlord that you’re using the CPN on your apartment application form to avoid any unpleasant exchanges later on during the process.

Provide A Proof That You’re A Responsible Tenant

You can’t expect a landlord to simply hand over the apartment keys to you when you tell them that you would like to use your CPN for the apartment application.

The only reason one uses CPN to get an apartment is when their credit history is bad. So, your landlord would know that you’ve got poor credit.

Why do you think your landlord would trust you not to default on their rental payments? They won’t unless you provide some sort of proof that shows that you’re a responsible tenant.

Since you’ve already informed the landlord that you’re using CPN, they won’t ask for a credit report.

Instead, you can provide 2 years’ rental history to prove that you’ve never defaulted on rental payments.

Other documents that can strengthen your case include your previous lease agreements, bank receipts against rental payments, and a notarized affidavit from the previous landlords.

Prove Your Income

Next, you’ll need to prove your income. It’s understandable for a landlord to ask how you would pay your rent.

For this reason, you’ll have to provide complete employment details, including your pay slips, bank statements, and tax returns, so that your landlord feels confident that you’ll pay the rent on time.

Provide the landlord with the correct paystubs. Like we said earlier, you can’t expect the landlord to trust your words that you’ll pay the rent on time, especially when they know you’re using CPN.

Your paystubs are the most important documents when you’re applying for an apartment using CPN. These are the documents that’ll prove that you’re rightfully employed and your income is sufficient.

Once you’re able to convince your landlord that you earn enough to afford the apartment and that you’ve been a responsible tenant in the past and will be the same now, you’ll get an apartment you like!

How To Save Yourself From CPN Scams?

When using CPN to get an apartment, know that there are more scammers in the market than legitimate credit repair companies ready to prey on you.

They would know that you’re looking to purchase CPN to mask your bad credit history and are desperate to get one, and that’s what will get you in trouble.

When taking your first steps towards getting a CPN so that you can get the apartment of your dreams, make sure you aren’t getting scammed.

Below are some tips to help you steer clear of CPN scams.

Never Pay Upfront

One of the most important tips when purchasing a CPN is never to pay upfront in full. Most credit repair companies will ask for partial payment upfront to start the process, and that’s okay.

But if the company asks you to pay in full or the major portion of the payment before starting any work, consider it a red flag and look for another credit repair company for your CPN.

Reliable companies never ask for full or large payments upfront and always keep their clients in the loop at every step of the process.

Seek Legal Help When You Feel The Need

The easiest way to make someone pay money for something is to scare them with things that can happen if they don’t pay.

If the credit repair company you’re in talks with tries to threaten you with consequences of what bad credit can do and how critical it is for you to get a CPN, or worse, harass you for money, seek help.

It’s a sign that the company will scam you. If you suspect that you’re being scammed, get in touch with a lawyer and let them handle your case.

Always trust your gut feeling. If your gut warns you that you might be getting scammed, you most probably will!

Discuss Your Rights In Detail

A reliable credit repair company will discuss your rights with you in detail. They’ll be open to you and allow you to ask questions and clear any confusion you may have.

However, if you feel like the company representative is rushing the process and isn’t discussing important matters, like your rights, know that you can’t trust them.

In this case, look for another company for your CPN. Don’t, even for a minute, let the company fool you by telling you how ‘your concerns aren’t important.’

The company should value all your questions and concerns, no matter how simple and straightforward they may be.

Never Agree To Provide False Information

Some credit repair companies may suggest you provide false information to make your credit report presentable and acceptable. As much as that sounds tempting, don’t do it.

Credit repair companies may even suggest you provide false contact details, change the data on your record, and do other similar things that can possibly improve your credit report.

Always remember that if a company asks you to do anything that requires you to lie, you can’t trust them. No matter how tempted you may feel, never agree to provide false information.

Closing Word

CPN paves the way for things that you thought weren’t possible with bad credit, including finding a good apartment.

Using CPN to get an apartment isn’t illegal. You just have to be extra cautious and not get scammed.

Getting an apartment using CPN isn’t difficult, as long as you’re honest with the landlord and are able to prove that you’re a responsible tenant, and you’ll continue to be the same in the future.

Once your landlord is convinced that you’re in good financial form and you’ll be able to make timely rental payments, you’re good to go!

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