10 Easy Animals You Can Breed for Money in Apartment

If you’re looking for a new and exciting way to make some extra money, breeding animals may be the solution for you.

While it may seem daunting at first, there are many easy animals you can breed in an apartment setting.

Breeding Animals in Apartment

Breeding animals is a hobby that many people take up. It is not only enjoyable, but it can also be quite profitable.

There are plenty of animals you can breed and sell. However, breeding becomes a bit tedious if you live in an apartment.

Luckily, just because you live in an apartment does not mean you cannot breed animals. There are specific animals that are suited especially for breeding in apartments.

These animals are small in size and don’t need that much space are great options. You should also look for rare animals, which would be easy and profitable to sell.

The less common these animals are, the more profitable they would likely be. Furthermore, you should certainly not get an animal that requires larger space.

An apartment does not offer much space for animals. Hence, breeding would not be a good idea since it can get messy, tiring, and tedious.

In this guide, we will discuss all of the best animals to breed and sell if you live in an apartment.

Best Animals to Breed in an Apartment

When living in an apartment, you must carefully consider which animal to breed. You have to find one that is not too demanding and does not need that much space.

Luckily, tons of small animals would be a good fit for apartments. They include the following:

Pet Birds

A pet bird is the easiest small animal you can breed in your apartment. They can comfortably live in your apartment under captivity for up to a decade.

Pet Birds

Hence, they would also live easily and breed when provided with the right environment.

There are some pet birds that can be quite profitable, which you can consider breeding.

The most common type that people breed is parakeets and parrots. Other than that, you can also breed lovebirds, finches, canaries, budgies, and cockatiels.

Once raised, you can sell pet birds to pet owners or even pet shops. However, it should be noted that raising and breeding birds in apartments can get noisy.

Hence, you should check with your landlord or apartment management first. To breed pet birds, you should have spacious cages in your apartment.

It is recommended to have these cages on a balcony. This way, they will have fresh air, and the apartment won’t be too noisy either.

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Mice or Rats

You might be surprised to hear this, but mice and rats are excellent choices for breeding in an apartment. This is because they are not typically considered pets.

Mice or Rats

Well, you would not be selling rats or mice to people as pets. Instead, you would sell them as feeds.

Selling mice or rats for feed for other animals is actually quite a profitable business. Many animals consume rats and mice for food, including snakes, birds/owls, cats, dogs, etc.

You can also consider keeping their meat in the freezer also. This way, storage will also be easier.

If you plan to breed mice or rats in your apartment, you must have the stomach to care for them. Some people might be too squeamish or scared when handling these small animals.


Since shrimp are quite small, they are also a great animal to breed in apartments. In most cases, they are also fairly easy to breed.


However, it should be noted that you would have to take care of other conditions to breed them.

It is best to breed the highest quality of shrimp you can find, which is typically Grade A shrimp.

Make sure that you mate these Grade A shrimp with other high-quality shrimps. Then, separate the shrimps and raise them in another tank.

Breeding shrimp also requires you to keep proper conditions in the tank. For example, the right water temperature will help them breed more efficiently.

The higher the quality of the shrimp you breed, the more profitable your business would be. However, doing all of this requires research and proper breeding knowledge.


These are becoming a popular option for pets, which is why they are a great choice for breeding. Chameleons are beloved for changing their colors according to the environment and disguising themselves.


However, it should be noted that they are high-maintenance pets. Many chameleons have died at the hands of breeders and pet owners.

This is because they are sensitive creatures and get frightened easily. Hence you should have prior knowledge of handling chameleons before breeding them.

You must understand how frequently you have to feed them and where to keep them.


Undoubtedly, one of the easiest animals to breed in apartments is worms.


This is because they are highly self-sufficient animals and can be sold for a variety of purposes.

Worms are typically used as feed for birds and fish. Hence fishermen and pet owners would frequently require worms.

Not to mention, worms can breed easily and happily. You can store them in small containers and provide all the right conditions for them.

This container can be placed anywhere in your apartment since it would be quite small. Then, watch them grow and multiply at a speedy rate.

However, worms often release a strong smell that can be hard to bear. Hence, you should store their container in a larger one.

This will prevent the smell from spreading throughout the apartment.


Another easy bird to breed and sell in your apartment is the quail. The great thing about them is that they are not that expensive.


Hence, you can buy a bunch of quail at a cheap price and store them in a box with water. Within a couple of weeks, they will start laying eggs.

Once the eggs are hatched, the baby quails grow within a couple of weeks. You could sell them and grow your business at a fast rate.

You could sell quail or eggs. Either way, it can grow into a profitable business quite quickly.


Fish can be great for breeding in an apartment since they only require a tank. Moreover, they multiply at a great rate, which can help grow your business fast.


All you need to do is buy some fish and a fish tank. Then, set up the right environmental conditions that will help them mate and breed.

Soon, within a couple of weeks, they will have hundreds of babies. Even your initial investment would quickly be paid off.

Once you have a better idea about breeding these animals, you can get more types of fish.

A lot of expert fish breeders also breed fish on special requests. For example, many people are willing to pay a decent price for beautiful betta fish or goldfish.

Golden Orfe

If you don’t want to breed just any kind of fish, consider a Golden Orfe. Since they look beautiful in a tank, they are a popular choice amongst pet owners.

Golden Orfe

They are also quite cheap, which means that you don’t need that much money to breed them.

And you also don’t need a lot of space since you will be keeping them in a tank.

They spawn every week, which means you can easily recover your initial investment. Hence, you can do a profitable business out of these fish.


If you are looking for cheap pets to breed, consider gerbils. They are social and small animals that don’t require much maintenance.


Since they are social, you should have a couple of them in the cage. The gerbils mate and multiply quite quickly.

This is why you will see the payoff of your initial investment in no time with gerbils. You could even have small gerbils live together and mate.

Guinea Pigs

Initially, guinea pigs were popular for their meat. But now, they are a very common pet, especially for children.

Guinea Pigs

In fact, they are perfect for owners of all ages. Hence, you should consider breeding guinea pigs and doing business with them.

You just need to get a pair of guinea pigs, and they will reproduce quickly. Once the babies are born, after three weeks, you can sell them.

This is when they are off their mother’s feed. Your initial investment only comprises the guinea pigs, their food, and their enclosure.

However, they are a bit expensive since they are exotic animals. Hence, their medicinal bills will be high.

Final Words

The aforementioned list of animals is all a great choice for breeding in an apartment. This is because they are small and don’t take up that much space.

Whichever animal you choose to breed in your apartment, there are some things you need to know.

For example, you should always get in touch with your landlord before getting these animals.

Some apartment buildings don’t allow pets, which is why they would certainly not allow breeding animals. Moreover, some might not allow you to run a breeding business on their property.

To avoid any legal costs or inconveniences, talk to your landlord beforehand.

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